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A Good Reputation Is Key

I was always told that having a good reputation is key to being successful and I agree with that statement 100%.

You wouldn’t buy a car, choose a nanny or get someone to fix your house if they had a crappy reputation. The same holds true for us as bloggers.  Why would companies want to work with us as individuals if we have a bad reputation? I recently discovered a site called and the basic premise is that you can get an instant snapshot of what your online reputation looks like.

This service finds existing posts about you online and will send you alerts whenever a new post does appear online about you. It also identifies and alerts you to damaging posts and to me this is the feature that I like the most.

The internet is a cruel world where people can say what they want when they want and most of the time the person they are bashing has no idea that it’s even going on but now with this website that is no longer the case. If someone has an ax to grind with you and they take it to the internet for all to see at least you will now be notified (if you sign up for the free service) and you can now at least defend yourself if you find it necessary.

I know some people could care less about what others say about them on the internet and I tend to be one of those people unless the story is so fictitious. Disliking someone is one thing but saying false things to ruin ones reputation is total wrong and now there is a site to help you combat this problem.

Do you think this is a service you would use? Do you care what others have to say about you online?

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