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Our Unexpected Surprise!!!!

About 6 months ago my husband and I got some news that we really weren’t expecting at this point in our lives. We are the happy and proud parents of two very independent and self-sufficient girls, ages 10 and 8. We had fallen into this less demanding world which no longer revolved around taking care of the every little need of a child. It was nice to be able to come and go as we please without having to pack a car full of items for the girls.

At our ages, I’m 37 and my husband is 40, we believed that it was smooth sailing from this point out. We were just preparing ourselves for the craziness of the teenage years, even though they were still a few years off. But all that changed 6 months ago when I found out that we would be having another baby in September. At this point we couldn’t be happier and excited, but I will admit that it did take some time getting use to the idea of starting all over again. It didn’t make it any easier that with every doctors appointment they loved to point out that at 37 years old I am of “ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE”. I know I’m getting older, you don’t need to let me know every time. I can see it in the mirror every morning and I feel it every day with how tired I am. But thank you for pointing out the obvious.

Things seemed to brighten up once we found out that we would be adding a little boy to our already perfect family. Now it’s just trying to get the girls use to the idea of having a little one around. They definitely did not take it well at first. My oldest, Parker, has a crippling fear of vomit and in her eyes all a baby does is throw up. So it took some time and tears to calm her fears and once the baby is here she’ll will fall in love just as she did with her sister. My other daughter, Peyton, took it a lot better but was not happy at all when she found out it was a boy. She had all these grandiose ideas of playing with, dressing up and molding a little sister and a baby boy didn’t fit into her plan. We talked it over and once she realized that she still gets to be the baby girl in the family she started warming up to the idea. We also decided that she could still dress her brother up and we would take picture to show his future girlfriends. She loved that idea! At about 4 1/2 months we finally got over the initial shock of getting pregnant, even though we were not actively trying (and obviously not actively preventing them) and I started to realize how much there needs to be done before this baby gets here. This house is no longer baby friendly and there are so many things we now need to get which we didn’t think we would ever need again. All and all, this is truly a blessing and wouldn’t have happened any other way. And we couldn’t be happier!