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Experience with Radisson Warwick Philadelphia

I’ve been debating whether write this review or not. I don’t’ typically like to write bad reviews but this experience really left a bad taste in my mouth.

A couple weeks back I attended Bloggy Boot Camp in Philadelphia and to truly take advantage of the full experience I wanted to spend the night at the conference hotel. I got a room at the Radisson Warwick Hotel for one night and shared it with a fellow blogger.

I called the night before arrival to add my roommate’s name so she could check into the room since she was getting into the city before me. The person that was supposed to be assisting me on the phone was giving me a hard time because my name was spelled wrong in their system. I finally got to the point of giving her the name of my roommate, asked for her to be added to the room and was told it would be fine. I also asked about the parking fees and she was clueless, telling me to ask the front desk. I was transferred and was finally given the answer I was looking for.

The next day as I was riding the train into the city I got a text from my roommate saying they wouldn’t allow her to check in; her name couldn’t be found on the room. Luckily she was able to hang out at the Bloggy Boot Camp cocktail hour till I got there.

I checked in, headed up to the room and was looking forward to a little quiet time before the nighttime festivities. I plopped down on the bed and instantly regretted my decision to stay overnight. The bed was miserably hard and uncomfortable. I remembered later that night that I should’ve asked for a Sleep Number room, by that time it was late and we needed to get some sleep.

The bathroom had a strange set up. The window sill was dirty and had an old rusty looking window but they kept extra toiletries there. I know they were going for a boutique look with a beautiful bathroom vanity but the counter tops were so high I couldn’t reach my face into the sink to wash up. I’m short but by no means a little person. The hot water for the shower took almost 10 minutes to reach temperature and there were piles of dust/hair in the corners and under the vanity.

The room itself was dimly light and lacked outlets to charge our phones. The hotel did bring up a microwave at my roommate’s request and that took up the outlet that I needed to use.

I really expected more from a Radisson at a discounted rate of $217/night. The exterior and lobby was beautiful, the in-house staff were friendly but the room accommodations left a lot to be desired for such a swanky area of Philadelphia.