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Hersheys Track and Field Games in Philadelphia

A couple weeks ago I shared with you an event here in the Philadelphia area; the Hershey’s Track & Field Games. That was my week of Shae’s 5day fever so I was unable to attend. Like I mentioned before these events are the largest youth sports program of its kind in North America.

Hundreds of kids and their coaches and families showed up at Northeast High School to compete in competitions such as Standing Long Jump, 200 Meter Dash, 4X100 Meter Relay, 800 Meter Run and more. Each child was competing for a spot at the Hershey Track and Field North American Final in Hershey, PA.
hersheys track field games
hershey's family track and field games
Track Olympian Carl Lewis, 50 years old, talked with Playbook, ABC Sports, FOX Sports Radio about the importance of the games and keeping family involved .These games are built on self esteem, fitness, sportsmanship and hard work. The children involved work hard to achieve goals of placing, winning and setting records and milestones. Having fun and making friends along the way make these games different from others.

While our kids aren’t involved in organized sports over the summer we do encourage active outdoor play to stay healthy and strong. These little steps keep them ready for dance, football and cheerleading season coming up.
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Do you know a track and field athlete between the ages 9-14? Find out if there is a Hershey’s Track and Field Games near you.
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