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Using Skype for Home and Business

Talking to long distance family and friends can be stressful. Timing the calls right so the rates are low during off peak times can be difficult especially when we are working with different time zones and countries.

Life can be simpler with Skype. But did you know it’s not only for family chats, Skype Mobile and Skype for  Business are great tools to have for those just in case moments. Learn to work smarter, more effectively and more efficiently using Skype Manager. Use Face to Face video conferencing with colleagues and clients instead of expensive traveling. Share large files without the hassles of shared drives and connected networks.

skype ambassador bloggerTake Skype with you on your mobile device. Don’t miss another important call or video chat because you’re on the go. Purchase Skype credits and save money on international calls and texts from your Windows Phone, Android, iPhone or iPad.

Skype makes staying in touch simple with Skype to Skype calling; and as long as everyone signs up for Skype the calls are free.

  1. Download Skype
  2. Add your contacts
  3. Make a call….That’s it!

Now that my grandmother has a computer I’m sending her a webcam so we can chat and she can see her great grandkids grow up. She’s new to Facebook but I think because Skype is so simple to use she’ll get the hang of it and I’ll be hearing that fun Skype ringtone much more often.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Skype. I received Skype credits to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.
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  1. When I lived in FL and my family lived here in NY we Skyped all the time. I should get back to doing it with the in-laws. Looks like lots of new features since it first came out.

  2. My daughter is heading to Germany for a student exchange program (in less than 2 weeks – ACK!), and we will definitely be trying Skype video chat. She will be gone for 3 weeks and I am going to miss her face. Thank goodness for Skype!

  3. Telephone Answering Service says

    When I moved abroad to complete my university studies I Skyped with my parents all the time, I dont know what i’de of done without it!

    Though i guess it would be really helpful for business meetings between companies in different countries, rather than travelling long distances.


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