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How to Stay Fit and Save at the Same Time

There’s a lot of talk around buying home gym and fitness equipment rather then joining a health club and paying the big monthly fee. After all times are tight, unemployment is still high and every dollar saved can go towards other expenses right?

I want to outline a few fitness products you can purchase online and won’t break the bank but will help keep you fit. Also I’ll introduce you to the place I go to seek out discounts and promotions on products I’m interested in buying and how you can search on your own.


Home gym machines were popular in the eighties and early nineties. However many of those old machines are now nothing but glorified close hangers. Today you can get resistance and body weight training devices like the Bodylastics home gym system or TRX suspension training device for a fraction of the cost but still enjoy a full body workout.

As a secondary benefit these devices take up next to no space in your home and even travel well so you’ve got no excuse to ever miss a workout.

The Flex Belt

To target those abs, The Flex Belt is an excellent choice. This electronic muscle stimulation device flexes your abs and obliques more then 100 times during a 20-30 minute session. The design allows you to use this belt any where and any time. The price point is a bit steep at $200, but you can find a flex belt coupon to cut that price down to about $170 shipping included.

Running Shoes

A pair of good runners is all you need to take care of your cardiovascular needs and even burn some belly fat.

Wether it’s Asics, Saucony, Nike or Adidas, every brand has a budget price point shoe. Also if you know where to look you can find some fantastic discount and coupon codes for popular online retailers that sell running shoes such as: Amazon, Running Warehouse and

Where to Find Discounts Codes and Promotions?

There are no shortages on coupon websites online, but most of them target every product and shopping category under the sun. Trying to find discounts and coupons for health and fitness products specifically can be a bit more difficult.

My first stop when ever I’m looking for a discount or promo code is They seem to have the most up to date listing of working coupons for just about every retailer you can think of.

Want to save on buying a BoFlex? They’ve got a coupon for that.

How about 10% off those new Asic running shoes? You’ll be able to find coupons for REI, RunningWarehouse, Zappos and even Amazon.

What if they don’t have a product or brand listed that you’re interested in?

Sometimes it  can take a bit more work to find a promotional offer, but it’s worth the time to get the savings.

I usually start with my favorite search engine (Bing or Google) and do a search for “product name” or “brand name” plus the word “coupon”.

So if I wanted to find a discount on a NordicTrack product I’d type in a search for “NordicTrack coupons” (you don’t need to  use the quotes).

Taking a few minutes to do this before you make a big purchase can save you $50-$100 or more.


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