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Disney Baby Magical Moment Contest

A big thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and the Disney Baby “Little Character” Contest

Babies have a way of making any moment magical. While I loved being pregnant and watching and feeling all of the changes I was always very anxious when it was time to babies to arrive. I have a low threshold of pain and never felt fully prepared for the pain and discomfort. There was a time during Sabreena’s labor that I literally said “I can’t do this anymore”. My mother laughed at me and said it was too late for that. Luckily my labor and deliveries were fairly quick but they still hurt.
hospital picture, baby, shaun
But the second those babies came out and were given to me all thoughts of the previous hours misery were gone. I couldn’t remember any of it. All I could do was look into this precious baby’s eyes and say happy birthday. These are the moments that stay with me forever, these are the moments that make me tear up with sadness that my children aren’t babies anymore. I look at them now and see strong, smart, independent and funny little people.

What baby Magical Moment pops to mind when you think about your own children? Firsts are always a big deal, whether it’s a first smile, first laugh or first step.

Head on over to the Disney Baby Little Character Contest and vote for your favorite face. All of the entrants are competing for a Grand Prize $10,000 scholarship towards the baby’s education, an appearance on ABC Family’s new comedy, “Baby Daddy,” and more. Voting ends July 18th so hurry and get your choice in.

As a voter you also have an opportunity to win a beach prize courtesy of Fairmont Miramar Hotels and Bungalows. Vote daily. Read all about the contest, rules and prizing details here.

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