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I’m Having Appliance Envy

I Want These!

I look through the circulars every single week looking at new washers and dryers and I totally have appliance envy.

I know it may sound weird to hear a man say that but I do 80-90% of the laundry in our house so it would be really nice to have a brand spanking new washer and dryer that could make an already daunting task a little more bearable.  Don’t get me wrong a new washer and dryer will not make life awesome because I still need to do laundry but it would make me feel better if I was able to be a little more eco-friendly. Our current washer probably uses 40-50 gallons of water per load of laundry and I do about 3-5 loads a week so when you add that up on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis that is a lot of water being used.  I have read that new front load washers use about 10 gallons of water per load of laundry so that a quarter of the water that I currently use per load.  It’s crazy to think how wasteful I am being but at the same time a new energy efficient washer and dryer would set us back a decent penny.

I am very thankful we have a washing machine and dryer in our home because I know a lot of people don’t so I am thankful for that but I just wish the set we had was better.  Not only are we wasting water but also electricity because our current dryer takes about 90 minutes or longer to dry a load of towels. A new tumble dryer would not only save on our electric bill but it might also save me a few dollars in my pocket.

Not sure if and when we will get a new washer or dryer but I do like to go circular shopping every Sunday to see what kind of new ones are available just in case we are able to buy a new set.   

I want to see if I am the minority or majority, LOL. Do you have a new washer and dryer or an old pair like us?

Mark Kelly, from UK retailer Appliances Direct, is completely behind these technological improvements and said “anything that an everyday appliance can do to make people’s lives easier must be a good thing and it shows how new technologies and innovations can help improve existing pieces of household technology or equipment”


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