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Clothes that Fit Me from Kiyonna

I know Blogher was several weeks ago but I wanted to share with you what I wore to one of the parties.

The dress is from Kiyonna, on online plus size dress retailer. I found them accidently while searching for wrap dresses. I’m shaped weird. I’m a size 12 on the bottom but closer to a 16 on top. My belly is high so I don’t like fitted tops. In fact I’ll wear a loose tee any chance I can get. I joke and call my body shape lollipop.

When I stumbled on Kiyonna I fell in love with the many different styles of dresses and tops for women just like me. I knew even though I wasn’t a traditional plus size woman these dresses would be a perfect match for my body. I was sent the Legacy Wrap Dress. I had trouble picking between the Legacy and the Whimsy. They are both similar but the Whimsy has a ruffle along the bottom open edge. I think I would’ve been happy with either choice honestly. There are so many other dress choices that I really loved.

kiyonna collage

i wish i knew how to pose like this

Wrap dresses tend to offer a forgiving fit but I was worried about the coverage up top. I like cleavage, I think mine is good looking but i didn’t want to be inappropriate. i didn’t have to adjust my dress once that night and the night i wore this dress was a hectic one. The dress was overall very flattering, had a great fit, covered everywhere it was supposed to and was a gorgeous color. The color is called navy put it leaned a little to the violet side.

I also received this Polka Dot Abby Twist Front Top. This is something I’ve worn about 5 times with everything from jeans to capris to skirts. The flowy stretchy fabric is very comfortable and the flirty silouette is feminine without looking like a toddler’s top. The plunging neck was a little to much for me so I put in one tiny stitch to close it up about an 1 inch higher and haven’t had any issues at all. I’ve gotten more compliments wearing this top than with anything else I own.
abby polka dot shirt
I can’t wait to scour Kiyonna’s site for their newest styles and pieces.

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