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Don’t Be a Hater Pete

We all know bloggers do alot to treat our sites like a real business. This means we need to make money. This means we do a variety of things to bring in that money like write reviews, coordinate Twitter parties, handle blogger outreach, maintain social media for clients and post sponsored content. As a reader you don’t have to like everything I write or even agree with it.  You have the choice to skip over it and pay it no mind.

But for those of you that vehemently disagree with a post and then find the nerve to send me an email like this i will use it as another blog post.
mean people suck

Peter Gehring


I realize the economy sucks, and unless you’re also lying about who you are (a family) you have mouths to feed – but I really find your business model disgusting. Sites like yours exist to hide negative reviews of poor products and shady companies – such as Vivint. It’s spamming the web, and it’s inherently dishonest. Maybe you can send your kids (if they exist) out to round up fake donations to the Red Cross while you’re at it.

Hope you die in a fire!


First off, EWWWW. Why are you so angry. If you are you mad at Vivint take it up with them.

If you read my blog a teeny tiny bit you’d know I do have a family. Yes there are times that I wish they’d go away for just a few hours but they are my family and I like them. The post in question isn’t a review it’s an informational post about a service available to consumers. It’s up to the consumer to research their own options, pricing and advantages of said service. It’s not spam if you chose to read the post. I didn’t send it to you. I didn’t seek out your email and bombard you with a link each day. Wishing death on someone will do nothing but bring you bad vibes. Ever hear of Karma?

I’m open to donations. I have a craft habit to keep up on.
I Disclose


  1. I can’t even believe their last sentence. That is beyond beyond! 🙁

  2. Damn! Your family is made up? Very creative. Personally, if I’m ever going to lie about my existence, it’s going to involve being a supermodel partying with rock stars, instead of some school aged kids…but that’s just me.

  3. The Turnip Farmer says

    Dear Peter,

    Its no surprise to me that your name is a euphemism for a man’s penis, because you are a real dick.

    Really? An informational piece on a home security service gets you this hot in your panties? And I’m assuming you must be wearing panties since you are being such a little bitch.

    Are you new to Look What Mom Found? I’ve been a reader for quite a while and know that from time to time, Rob and Melinda post advertorial content that may or may not apply to me. And here’s the thing – now stay with me and let this soak in a bit because I have a feeling you won’t grasp this right away – I SKIP OVER THE STUFF THAT I DON’T FEEL LIKE READING!

    ::grasps chest::
    Oooo… Its the Big One… You hear that Elizabeth… I’m comin’ to you, I’m comin’ home to Georgia!

    What a concept!

    Pete, I’d tell you to get a life but I’m assuming that may be near impossible. What with all that time you spend in your basement collecting toenail clipping, working on your Britney Spears shrine, trolling Reddit and writing nasty emails to someone that is a great mom, a wonderful friend to many and frankly, far wittier than you, even on your best day.

    So Pete, here’s hoping that you DIAF. I know I won’t – because I am a Vivint customer. And the response time I get when our smoke detector goes off from my bad cooking is amazing. ;D

  4. Wow some people have nothing else better to do!

  5. Gasp! Some people just have no soul, how can someone tell you to die because they don’t agree with you. Truly disgusting and sad that anyone can behave in that manner

  6. Hugs Mama! I am so happy to have MET YOU IN REAL LIFE and have loved watching your family grow over the years. Keep up the awesome HARD WORK that I know you and Rob both do!

  7. Wow, hatred is everywhere. I wouldn’t say that to even my biggest enemy.

  8. Unbelievable! Sending good thoughts and wishes your way today. I am thankful for your blog and the opportunity to get to know you, Rob and your precious family.

  9. Your family is beautiful! I just don’t understand people like this, he obviously has his own issues he needs to overcome.

  10. WOW!! My jaw dropped when I read his email.

  11. The effort they took to even say all that to you, just means they are JEALOUS!! That you are awesome and have an awesome blog!!

  12. WOW. Talk about an internet troll!

  13. Lorie Shewbridge says

    Good lord in heaven…. I am speechless.
    What an evil thing to say. Troll!

  14. ROFL @ The Turnip Farmer!!! That really sucks Melinda. Some people have a lot of nerve.

  15. Sheesh! The first paragraph really was enough… the last line!? Awful. That’s all I’ve got to say because “The Turnip Farmer” said the rest! lol for real.

  16. Joy Williams says

    WTF? That is rude and a very uncalled for email.

  17. And we know he is real because….

    Ironically, we went out to dinner w/ the guy that sold us our security system this weekend. My husband works w/ his fiance over the phone (same company, diff locations) and he used to work for Vivant. He said it was fantastic…and when he sold us our local security company he used a lot of their information to explain how it works.

    trisha <—-totally real person, with real kids that do not sleep past 630, that had real dinner w/ that guy sat at a real place, but dinner sucked.

  18. PS if you were a good blogger, you would link the word vivent in this article to the article he is referencing…SEO .


  19. Wow, what a troll!

  20. Robin @ Mom Foodie says

    Wow, someone forgot to take his meds. His mom better go down in the basement and tell him to get off the computer and take them.

  21. shocking but what can you do, there are some crazies out there!

  22. Donna George says

    I guess I am just missing something here. How is it spam if you aren’t emailing him? Having an article on the great world-wide web isn’t spam, it’s writing. Agree – disagree, whatever. But to accuse you of hiding something when you give your opinion – well,t hat’s just stupid. That’s like when other people tell you that something doesn’t hurt. How would they know?

  23. How do people have this much time on their hands?! I need more time on my hands to finish my to do list.
    You have a wonderful family. Keep posting so we can keep reading!

  24. Way to stick up for yourself. Pete’s comments are truly hateful. Obviously Pete is not a Smart person or he wouldn’t have wished someone death on the internet. I wish you and your family many blessings. For Pete, I hope he gets the help that he needs and maybe a life.

  25. Wow! Pete is pretty sad guy.

  26. Has he had an issue with Vivint? I mean, to me it sounds interesting. I learned about it from your site. If I want to move forward with that company, I’d do more research.

    I have turned down “advertorials” when I positively don’t believe in a company. But the thing with family blogs is that rather just telling our families what we discovered, we get to help even more people. We are just one source, though, and most bloggers are ethical (like you guys).

    I dunno. Maybe he just had a bad day and had to take it out on ya. :hugs:

  27. Misadventurous Mommy says

    I don’t care what his issue is with the company he mentioned in his email, it’s not alright to wish death on someone for ANY reason…wtf is wrong with people?

    A couple of months ago I dealt with a few haters over an opinion and while they didn’t email me with their BS, they bombarded my blog, belittled anyone who defended me and called my children the spawn of Satan, it was the single worst experience I’ve had as a blogger. I did however, learn very quickly that there are far more good people online than there are haters and the whole power in numbers thing seems to quiet stupid all day every day!

  28. Let me get this straight – he doesn’t like a company that you reviewed, so he wants YOU to DIAF?

    I’m totally going to send a threatening e-mail to Peyton Manning because our Directv went out last winter in a snowstorm. Yeah. That makes sense.

    What a twatwaffle.

  29. I’ve been accused of making up my family as well. Even by those who I *thought* knew all about me! It’s a crazy world out there, but pay no mind. Keep on keepin’ on. And while you’re at it, summon a few more kids.

  30. Unbelievable.

  31. Mental illness is a scary thing. I hope “Pete” reads this and gets help – somewhere. Just reach out, dude.

  32. What a jerk! I picture him in his basement , feed propped up on his desk, and he is eating a big bowl of Cheetos. His keyboard is orange because of this. He has nothing better to do, apparently.

  33. Oh. my. gosh. Seriously?!? WHAT is wrong with people?!

    “I went out of my way to find and read an article you wrote about a company I don’t like, so I hope you die”?

  34. Wait, what the what!?

  35. This is the first time I have ever read about yuou and blogs. Peter; is a complete imbisile; and needs to be reminded that this is America and you can pretty much say what you will, or want to;( without fear of reprisals)., especially from idiots like him. Ask any veteran what he or she would say to him; about his Rants. Even though I don’t know you; please take to heart that there are more of US than there is of him. God Bless you and yours. And to you Petert; someone should tighten your ass up!!!!!

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