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I Feel Like A Manager

Sabreena is 16 years old and a junior in high school and is oh so close to college which is so hard to believe. 

The problem I am having and I am sure a lot of parents have with high school kids is getting them to look past the current year and look into the future.  I am not saying I want Sabreena to look so far into the future that she doesn’t enjoy now but with college right around the corner there are a lot of things that she needs to do now for college in two years. 

I feel like I am constantly reminding her about staying on top of her school work because she has a heavy work load this year with two college level courses (English and History) in addition to the rest of her honors classes which I would love to see her get all A’s in.  She also needs to start looking over study materials for the SAT so that she can take it at least once if not twice this school year.  She also needs to start thinking about what college she may want to attend so that she can review their admissions requirements so that she can be sure she has everything she needs to meet those requirements.  Just reading all of this makes my head hurt because she is under a lot of pressure at the age of 16 which sucks and that is why I am trying to help/manage her the best I can.  I started looking over different SAT test dates yesterday and what study materials she will need so that is one less thing she needs to worry about. 

It’s tough to be a kids these days and I hope she understands that I only want to best for her.  When I was a senior in high school I took the SAT once and bombed it and I wasn’t even planning on going to college.  I can remember during the last three months of my senior year my dad telling me I was going to college and not community college so I then needed to scramble to find a school that would accept me on such short notice.  I don’t want Sabreena to have to go through the same thing.  I want her to pick the college she wants to go to because it’s a good fit for her not because it’s the last minute and that is the only college available.  Not that my parents didn’t care they just don’t think like I do and that is why I am so involved in Sabreena’s studies.

Like I said I hope she knows I am doing this to help her and not to be a pain in the ass.  I know how I felt when I was a senior and needed to find a college with no assistance and I don’t want Sabreena to have to deal with the same thing. I am trying to make this whole process as painless as possible.  Not sure how I am doing so far but like I said I am trying.

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