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As I Get Older

I admit it I’m getting old. I’m celebrating my 38th birthday next week and I’m starting to feel it. A couple of years ago I didn’t feel my age one bit but as time has slowly gone by things are catching up to me.

My back aches when I cuddle my husband on the sofa.

I’m out of breath running up 2 flights of stairs.

I have to squint to read my favorite lipstick color. - Am I getting older or has the supermarket begun playing great music?

My mind is still young though even though I think I need to look into lasik surgery just so i can read a newspaper. I can have a conversation with my teenager and know what she’s talking about when she brings up new music or fashion trends even if I don’t really like either of them. I can feel good about taking my son shopping for clothes and shoes knowing he’s going to look good walking out of the store even though I’m instantly annoyed at the thought of his sneakers getting dirty.

Bar music is loud, primetime television is racy and flip flops are my go to shoe. This must tell you a lot. I’ve reached an age where I can’t tolerate incompetence and laziness. Mediocre service in a restaurant is a HUGE pet peeve for me. These people work for tips but they really don’t put much effort into their work sometimes.

So there I admit it! I’m old and cranky and tired. BUT I love to have a good time and laugh and be with friends and family.

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  1. LOL we sound a lot alike except all that stuff was normal to me even in my early 20’s.

  2. I still love ya anyway, you cranky old bitch. 😉

  3. I just had this same conversation with my husband! I turned 39 last month and I cannot believe how times have changed since those days in my 20s when my energy felt endless and my body could handle so much more! Makes me appreciate my elders that much more 😉

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Girls, don’t even talk to me about “old” until you get into your fifties! Whatever your starting story is about your “monthly,” and however it has been for you over the years, heads up, Ladies! You have another thing coming! The good thing for me, at least, is that I have become more tolerant of kids’ fashion–I still hate some of the styles, but one look at the styles I wore in the 70’s is all it usually takes for me to remember that this will pass and be replaced with something just as tacky 🙂

  5. 38? You’re not ‘old’ yet!
    There are some things that do get better as you age- you now have an excuse for napping, soon you can dye your hair purple and honest to goodness my go to shoes are Crocs and I dont care.

  6. I’m right up there with you (I’m slightly older actually) and I’ve noticed pretty much the same things. It seems like our generation and the next are able to relate and communicate better than I was with my parents. When I work with people 20 years younger than me I don’t even really notice anything different or think about age. When I work with people 20 years older than me I still get the feeling that I need to behave around the adults. Maybe I’m just weird!

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