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We Hosted A Batman Power Attack Party

My kids love parties, new toys as well as super heroes so when they heard that we were hosting a Batman Power Attack themed party they were pretty excited especially Shae.

Shae and Shaun went around the neighborhood at 9am last Saturday to invite everyone over to the house at noon. Needless to say they were pretty excited when all of their friends showed up at noon. Before all the kids arrived at noon I had a ton to errands to run like get balloons blown up, pick up chips as well as pizza.  When I got home Melinda had the kitchen table totally set up with all of the Batman items and decorations and I must admit it looked pretty awesome.

Before we could even get the movie started or pizza served all of the kids wanted to open the action figures which I was ok with because I could see how excited they were to open them.  Shaun, Shae and their friends sat at the kitchen table and played with those figures for at least an hour before moving onto the movie.  I can remember watching Batman when I was a kid and I still love Batman to this day so I sat down along with the kids while we all watched the cartoon which was totally awesome.

What is so awesome is this fresh new evergreen line is sure to be a hit with little ones who are new to the Batman universe, as well as with Moms and Dads who connect with the classic Caped Crusader.  These figures as well as total destruction Batmobile would make an awesome holiday give for the person on your list who loves super heroes.

For me the best party of the party is when we told the kids that they were able to take the Batman toys that they have been playing with the entire party home.  One of Shaun’s friends is a hardcore Batman fan and he was sooo happy to take a few of the action figures home which totally made me happy.

All in all I think the party was a huge success and a ton of fun for me, Melinda and all of the kids.

The paper products as well as all of the toys for this party were supplied but the opinions in this post are my own.  

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