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Holiday Storybooks Giveaway from Hallmark Cards

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It’s really hard to believe that the Holidays are right around the corner.  This means it’s the time of year for giving and sharing. This means gift giving, giving time to help others and sharing memories new and old with friends and family.


Hallmark is at the center of sharing memories. Each year my family makes trips to the mall, fancy department stores, adorable little shops and more looking for just the right ornaments for each child.  We often end up at Hallmark because they have a unique collection of Keepsake Ornaments for all occasions and recipients.  This was Shaun’s big year for football, I’m sure something like this will end up on his tree.

hallmark keepsake ornament football

Shae is the Disney Princess fanatic so I’m sure we can find something perfect for her too.  Sabreena has collected lots of fun things over the years and this year will be no different.  The making memories doesn’t stop with Keepsake Ornaments either.  Books are a great gift too especially when they are personalized with a loved one’s voice.

I have A Charlie Brown Christmas Recordable Storybook and keep meaning to take it to my dad’s house so he can record his voice and Shae can hear the story read by him whenever she wants.  I think this would be a sweet surprise for anyone whether your loved ones are near or far.

Hallmark is more than just cards. Walking into your neighborhood store will show you that in just minutes. Figurines, stuffed plush, stationery, home decor and more fill the shelves with just about something for everyone.  Holiday Cards are big business this time of year. I know I’m already stressing about what the kids are going to wear, where we are getting the pictures done and how much time I have left to get them done and uploaded onto a card to get them into my friend’s and family’s hands in time.

To help ease a little bit of holiday stress I’m offering 30% percent off your personalized greetings order at Hallmark.com! Spread holiday cheer with customized greetings and photo cards, and use the code BLOG30 at checkout. The offer is valid through the first of next year, so you’ll have plenty of time to tackle your holiday card list!

Another treat for LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! readers are these 2 books available as a giveaway.

All Aboard Be A Part of the Story Storybook $24.95Little ones will love a new kind of story where the main character chimes in with questions or choices as you read aloud. It’s almost like having a real conversation with the story’s star!

A Charlie Brown Christmas Recordable Storybook $19.95Little Peanuts® fans will love this Recordable Storybook about the true meaning of Christmas. Read it together as a family, or record it for a little one who is miles away so you can still share a Christmas story.

Enter just by sharing a holiday memory, a favorite ornament or tradition.

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  1. my favorite tradition is picking out the x-mas tree with my family
    tcogbill at live dot com

  2. i get your emails
    tcogbill at live dot com

  3. Maureen says:

    One of my favorite traditions is my husband and I putting the nutcrackers up around the house. We also make eggnog bread for family and friends ( I have already gotten requests this year).

  4. D Schmidt says:

    One of our favorite traditions is picking new keepsake ornaments every year for the tree

  5. D Schmidt says:

    Confirmed email subscriber

  6. D Schmidt says:

    Like Hallmark on Facebook as D Schmidt

  7. D Schmidt says:
  8. D Schmidt says:
  9. My favorite tradition is driving around as a family to look at lights, then coming home for hot chocolate.

  10. I liked Hallmark.

  11. I entered your Fannie May giveaway.

  12. I subscribe to your rss. Thanks!

  13. Brandy says:

    Always opening a gift on Christmas eve.

  14. Brandy says:

    email subscriber

  15. Brandy says:

    fb fan of hallmark

  16. Brandy says:
  17. Brandy says:

    entered kohl’s giveaway

  18. Jessica Beard says:

    I love a ceramic angel ornament I made when I was in elementary school. My mom and dad hang it on their tree every year.

  19. Jessica Beard says:

    I subscribe to your emails.

  20. Jessica Beard says:

    LIKE the Hallmark Facebook Page

  21. Jessica Beard says:
  22. Jessica Beard says:

    I entered the Kohls giveaway.

  23. Jessica Beard says:

    I entered the Chasing Mavericks Prize Pack giveaway.

  24. Jen F says:

    Baking holiday Christmas cookies with my daughter is one of my favorite holiday traditions!

  25. Jen F says:

    I liked Hallmark on Facebook.

  26. Amy W. says:

    I have an ornament from when I was just a year old that I have loved over the years. My girls think it is the ugliest thing, but I love it. It’s just a girl in a pink dress and hat playing the flute. (My girls are probably right)

  27. Amy W. says:

    email subscriber

  28. Amy W. says:

    I like Hallmark on facebook.

  29. Amy W. says:

    I entered the Chasing Mavericks giveaway.

  30. Amy W. says:

    I entered the Ninja Cooking System giveaway.

  31. Amy W. says:

    I entered the Kidde Smoke Alarm giveaway.

  32. Amy W. says:

    I entered the Kohl’s giveaway.

  33. Amy W. says:

    I entered the Fannie May giveaway.

  34. Amy W. says:

    I commented on the American Girls for the Holidays post.

  35. Jessica Beard says:
  36. This is the first year my family will have a Christmas tree. My toddler handed out the ornaments as my husband decorated the tree. She was so excited to help—the start of a tradition that we will keep up as long as she’s interested.

  37. Kristen says:

    My favorite ornament is a little sparkly leaf that came from my grandfather.

  38. Kristen says:

    entered Ninja Cooking System

  39. Kristen says:

    entered Fannie May

  40. Kristen says:

    entered Kohl’s

  41. Jessica Beard says:
  42. Jessica Beard says:
  43. amy v says:

    my favorite Christmas tradition is having our family over and singing Christmas carols.

  44. Jessica Beard says:
  45. We take a family portrait with the turkey carcass every year. Weird, probably…but looking back at everyone over the years is so funny!

  46. One of my favorite ornaments is one from Hallmark. It’s called What will you wish for – it’s a recordable ornament and I wish I had bought more…it would be great to have a wish from every year from my children.

  47. Email subscriber!

  48. I like Hallmark on FB – Sky Shute Seery

  49. My favorite holiday memory is waiting at the top of the stairs for everyone to get up and then running down to the Christmas tree.

  50. Jessica Beard says:
  51. Kristina S says:

    Our favorite tradition is baking cookies

  52. Kristina S says:

    Subscribed via google reader
    klsiegler at gmail dot com

  53. Kristina S says:

    I like Hallmark on facebook

  54. Kristina S says:

    I follow all 3 on twitter and tweeted

  55. Jim Lipscomb says:

    For my entry I’d like to share our tradition of putting small winter-themed plush animals inside the branches of the Christmas tree. It helps with trees that have bare spots, and can add intrigue to even perfectly grown Christmas trees.

  56. Jim Lipscomb says:

    I subscribed via email jimlipscombmusic*at*gmail.com

  57. Jim Lipscomb says:

    I ‘LIKE’ the Hallmark FB page

  58. Jim Lipscomb says:
  59. Jessica Beard says:
  60. Jessica Beard says:

    I entered the Ninja Cooking System giveaway.

  61. Jessica Beard says:

    I entered the Kidde smoke alarms giveaway.

  62. Jessica Beard says:

    I entered the Fannie May berries giveaway.

  63. Amy W. says:

    I entered the PoCampo giveaway.

  64. Jessica Beard says:
  65. Marci says:

    We have a favorite tradition that started when I was a little girl. Each child is allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve which will contain new PJs to wear that night. This has now been passed down and has been going strong for over 40 years!!

  66. Marci says:

    Email Subscriber!

  67. Marci says:

    Hallmark FB Fan!

  68. Amy W. says:

    I commented on the Tea Collection Clothes From Around the World post.

  69. Jessica Beard says:
  70. Marysa says:

    Getting Christmas pajamas for our kids, riding the Polar Express, and decorating 🙂

  71. Marysa says:

    I subscribe to your feed (RSS-Google Reader)
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  72. Marysa says:

    I am a facebook fan of Hallmark (Marysa N).
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  73. Marysa says:

    Entered your po campo bag giveaway.
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  74. nannypanpan says:

    our favorite tradition is to create our ugly crooked gingerbread house

  75. nannypanpan says:


  76. nannypanpan says:

    entered kidde

  77. nannypanpan says:

    entered kohls

  78. nannypanpan says:

    entred fannie mae

  79. nannypanpan says:

    entered po campo

  80. Jessica Beard says:
  81. Chris says:

    Favorite tradition is the Macy’s Light show.

  82. Jessica Beard says:
  83. Jessica Beard says:
  84. Jessica Beard says:
  85. Jessica Beard says:
  86. Julie Smith says:

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is getting together on Christmas Eve while Christmas music plays in the background. Everyone brings their presents for friends and family – we all eat together, watch a Christmas movie, sing carols, and exchange gifts. Getting together on Christmas Eve with extended family leaves Christmas Day as a day for the nuclear family to simply enjoy and relax.

  87. Julie Smith says:

    I liked Hallmark on Facebook 🙂

  88. Jessica Beard says:
  89. Jessica Beard says:
  90. Louis says:

    my parents treasured ornaments from my grandparents what survived through the ordeals of World War II in Germany
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  91. Louis says:

    I shared on my Face Book

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  92. Louis says:

    following Mom & Dad & Hallmark on twitter @left_the_stars
    I tweeted your giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  93. Louis says:

    I entered your PoCampo Bag giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  94. Louis says:

    I entered your Kohl’s giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  95. Louis says:

    I entered your Fannie May giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  96. Louis says:

    I entered your Safeway giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  97. Jessica Beard says:
  98. angie says:

    I love the Monsters Inc Hallmark Ornament I bought this year.

  99. nannypanpan says:

    entered skylanders

  100. nannypanpan says:

    entered safeway

  101. Jessica Beard says:
  102. My favorite ornament is a hand blown glass one my Dad got for me when I was little.

  103. Since my son was born (he is 27) I have gotten him the “son” ornament from Hallmark each year. I also have followed that tradition for my daughter and have now started with my grandson.

  104. I’m an e-mail subscriber.

  105. I ‘like’ Hallmark on facebook.

  106. i always bought the kids christmas jammies…i now buy them for my daughter in law & grandson too

  107. email subscriber

  108. entered fannie may giveaway

  109. entered one step ahead

  110. entered pocampo

  111. entered safeway

  112. entered skylander

  113. entered fannie may

  114. Melissa P. says:

    I am an email subscriber.

  115. Melissa P. says:

    I “Like” Hallmark on Facebook (Melissa P./Mel4Him)

  116. Melissa P. says:

    Shared on FB

  117. Melissa P. says:

    I follow all and tweeted:

  118. Melissa P. says:

    I entered the One Step Ahead giveaway

  119. Melissa P. says:


    Sorry I forgot to do this first but here it is:

    One of the best and most recent Christmas Traditions that I love is my nephews birthday party. He will be 4-years old on Christmas Day. This year we will be celebrating his birthday the Saturday prior. It is always so much fun with Christmas right around the corner.

  120. Jessica Beard says:
  121. melissa teears says:
  122. Vanessa says:

    I love the ornaments my kids make. We have an adorable reindeer my son made when he was 2. It’s adorable! momlovesdeals at gmail dot com

  123. Vanessa says:

    I follow mom, dad, and Hallmark and Tweeted! https://twitter.com/Mom_Loves_Deals/status/277830458119688193


    momlovesdeals at gmail dot com

  124. Vanessa says:

    I entered the One Step Ahead giveaway. momlovesdeals at gmail dot com

  125. Vanessa says:

    I entered the Skylanders giveaway. momlovesdeals at gmail dot com

  126. Vanessa says:

    I entered the safeway giveaway. momlovesdeals at gmail dot com

  127. Donna C. says:

    A favorite tradition we still carry on is opening one present on Christmas eve

  128. Donna C. says:

    your email subscriber

  129. Donna C. says:

    LIKE the Hallmark Facebook Page- Donna Culbreth

  130. Donna C. says:

    entered the Visa giftcard giveaway

  131. Jessica Beard says:
  132. Jessica Beard says:
  133. Leslie S. says:

    We go out on Christmas Eve and look at all the lights.We then come hoe to new pajamas and watch a holiday movie before going to bed.Thanks!

  134. Leslie S. says:

    I am an e-mail subscriber. Thanks!

  135. Leslie S. says:

    I like Hallmark on FB as Leslie Luke Stanziani.Thanks!

  136. Leslie S. says:

    I follow both on twitter as lstanziani.I also tweeted: https://twitter.com/lstanziani/status/278157260700647424 Thanks!

  137. diane Baum says:

    My fave memory is of being in high school and going house to house to sing Christmas Carols

  138. Lisa L says:

    My fave tradition is to go ice skating the day after Christmas

  139. Lisa L says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  140. Lisa L says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook (Lisa Li).

  141. Our tradition is to put the Xmas tree up after Thanksgiving dinner

  142. I subscribe via email