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DIY Kid’s Worksheets-Fill In The Blank

Shae came home with a worksheet from school a couple weeks back and it was all marked up in red. She had gotten all of the problems wrong. It was a simple fill in the blank worksheet I thought but she said she didn’t understand how the substitute teacher explained it.

I figured I would try to recreate the worksheet and see what the problem was.

There wasn’t a problem. She completed the sheet and got every problem correct.

educational activity, fill in the blank, kindergarten activity

It was a simple little educational activity, one that she keeps asking for.

  • blank sheet of paper
  • various picture stamps or stickers
  • pencil

Stamp a variety of pictures on your sheet of paper. Under each picture write out the word leaving he FIRST letter blank. Instruct your child to write that first letter down.
Simple and fun but with a learning spin. Just what every kid likes.