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Kicking and Screaming the Whole Way

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We finally cancelled cable to save a lot of bucks considering our internet/cable bill was through the roof. We were paying well over $150 a month for cable and internet and to me that seemed like way too much money to be paying on a monthly basis to have over 500 channels when we only watched 10-15 channels max.

It wasn’t so easy to actually call and cancel because I haven’t been without cable TV since college so for some reason I was holding on for dear life kicking and screaming the whole way.  I must have called Comcast five different times trying to get the bill lowered to a point that we would be comfortable with and would still be able to keep cable. Melinda on the other hand told me to cancel from the start because she could care less about the cable as long as we had internet which we still do.  Persistence paid off and luckily we were able to keep about 15-20 channels and the internet for half of what we were paying in the past so we have all of the local channels plus some others ones that we will probably never watch.  We did lose most of the cartoon channels as well as the Food Network which is what normally was watched in our house.  We do have DVD players and a ROKU and have Netflix with a subscription so we have been pretty good so far.  The kids have found cartoons on Netflix and Melinda, Sabreena and I have been watching Breaking Bad.

I must admit not having cable isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I know there are certain shows like Sons of Anarchy on FX that we won’t be able to watch but cutting our cable and internet bill in half was way more important.

Do you have cable or no? If not do you have service like Netflix or HULU Plus?

I Disclose

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  1. We have internet but no cable. It’s really not that big of a difference. Almost all shows are on the net anyway. =D

    • I agree. At first I was freaked out but it has been a few weeks and I am ok now. Between Hulu Plus and Netflix we have plenty of TV shows to watch.

  2. We don’t have cable- never have- and the only time I miss it is when we’ve been on vacation where there IS cable and I find tons of cool shows I’d love to watch regularly. Alas, the lack of cable bill is far better than a few cool shows… 🙂

    • I agree with you 100% because our cable bill was through the roof. Out internet isn’t exactly cheap but we aren’t able to work without it so we just need to suck it up. LOL,

  3. We have Netflix which my teenage daughter pays for. We have cable and Internet through Comcast as well and pay about $100 a month. I refuse to pay for premium channels. I did have HBO free for six months which I was glad for because I could watch True Blood for free. But this post actually reminded me I have to call and cancel it today so I don’t start getting charged for it.

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