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Who Likes It Hot

The weather outside has been frightful with the occasional sunshine and sprinkle of snow. All this change in weather makes for crazy temperature changes outside and inside the house. These changes in the house usually result in fiddling with the thermostat, pulling out extra blankets or even turning on the ceiling fan. In our house Rob tends to be warm. When it’s 30° outside you’ll often find him in shorts and a tshirt inside. Me, I’m sitting on the sofa with a blanket and dog snuggled against my feet.

gender wars honeywell portable heater

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When it’s time for bed is when I like it cold. I love cuddling under a pile of blankets while I sleep. So while the infographic above states women tend to increase the heat I don’t because I’m cheap like that but I’ve been in the car with my mom and dad when their heaters are dueling each other. Mom has hers cranked up to 90 and Dad has his window down with his tongue hanging out like a dog.

Honeywell wants you keep you and your entire family comfortable this winter season. Whether you’re dealing with up and down temperatures or buried under tons of snow there is sure to be a spot in your home for a portable heater from Honeywell.

We recieved a Honeywell EnergySmart® 360 Surround Heater (HZ-435) in exchanged for sharing this infographic.