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Customizing My Windows Phone #Troop8X #HTC8

So you know that I received the Windows 8X by HTC about two weeks ago and so far I am really enjoying my new phone.  I typically hate every phone that I get for one reason or another.  Maybe the battery life stinks or I can’t customize it like I would like but that isn’t the case with my new phone.

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I haven’t really tested the battery life but I am guessing I get maybe 8-10 hours of usage but I am a heavy user and am always either on my phone or checking it.  I am sure people who aren’t neurotic like myself probably could get a full day out of the battery.

Where I have struck gold with the Windows 8X by HTC is in the customization feature. This phone is like no other when it come to moving apps around, making them larger or smaller and even making them live tiles that update throughout the day so I can see what’s happening before I even open the app.


This is what my home screen looks like right now

I have never had a phone that has been so customizable before and I must admit that so far I am loving it. On my home screen I have a ton of different apps but I keep the ones I use the most like Twitter, Facebook, text, Redbox and Pinterest at the top.  I have other important apps at the top that I use daily like my alarm clock, my blog, Skydrive as well as email.  I like that if and when I get tired of how my phone looks all I need to do is move around the apps and boom it’s like a brand new phone.  All I have to do is hold down an app for a few seconds then I am able to resize it or move it around on my home screen, it’s really that easy.

I know it’s still early but I can say that after two weeks I still really like and enjoy my phone and if you know me at all this is a huge accomplishment.

Are you able to customize your current phone? If not would you want a phone like the Windows 8X by HTC that is fully customizable?

I was provided with the Windows 8X by HTC but ALL pinions are based on my own experiences. #Troop8X #HTC8 

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