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Consignment and Thrift Store Shopping for Kids Clothes

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I’ve talked about my thrifting before.  I love to save money by visiting our Goodwill and Salvation Army stores.  Trying to clothe 3 kids is expensive especially when you want them to wear clothes that fit and look good.  The community I live it is mostly families so I know I can find lots of kids clothes to choose from.  Getting things for boys is harder though. I chalk it up to boys being harder on their clothing and they aren’t worth donating once they are outgrown.  We keep sets of clothes for Shaun, school and play.  The play clothes end up trashed, torn and stained.

I’ve been taking more frequent trips lately trying to stock up on spring and summer clothes.  Two trips to Salvation Army and one to Just Between Friends Consignment Sale in Philadelphia really produced some great items.  Here is a REALLY long video of me going through my purchases from that date. I ramble, I can’t help it.  I apologize.

Here are my Salvation Army finds, some things were purchased on Family Discount Day, 50% off certain color tags.
Not Shown 5 various tees for Shaun, local professional and college sports and AberCrombie and Fitch $2 each

Gymboree Green Tunic Length Sweater $3

Kobe Kids Pink Sweater Shrug $2

Knitworks Pink Plad Button Down $1

Old Navy Pink Tee $2

Kids R Us Purple Tee $2

Faded Glory Floral Twirly Skirt $1

Tech Gear Basketball Pants $1

Urban Pipeline Blue Cargo Shorts $1

Urban Pipeline Blue Cargo Shorts $1.50

Burnside Plaid Shorts $2

Gymboree Striped Capris $4

Old Navy Plaid Capris $2

Arizona Jeans Denim Shorts $2

Mossimo Denim Shorts $3

Justice Black Sweat Shorts $2

Salvation Army Haul, thrifting

Bob Marley Tee $2bob marley tee for kids

Sabreena can often be found with me shopping thrift stores, especially the outlet where things are dirt cheap. This time around I took both Shaun and Shae. Shaun was bored but a good sport with trying on shorts and keeping out of trouble. Shae on the other hand picked out 20 other tees to buy. She likes clothes and really like to pick out her own things.  This is the reason I like to shop alone.

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  1. I’m with you on the length of shorts. It’s gotta be below the knee. You totally scored some good finds for him! I never have that kind of luck when I go. My town stinks for consignment and thrifting!

    • then travel outside your town 🙂 make a day of it not just thrifting but yard sales, antique shops, etc. I don’t do antiques in my house but I love old things and can always find a spot for something small in the house

  2. Love the Bob shirt. We are looking for a new one for our 4yo, but not too much luck finding a soft one! Hers is adorable.

  3. LOL – I need to thrift shop without kids so I can get in the zone. I think Goodwill has their half price clothing sale coming up around Memorial Day. Time to start a list since I should have gone through the clothing boxes at that point.

    • i go thrifting with ideas in mind but know I’ll never find exactly what I’m looking for. I use sales at Kohls or Old Navy for basics and use thrifting for surpises and patterns and work around that.

  4. Great finds! You don’t ramble at all — haha, or maybe I’m just so used to my own rambling that I don’t notice. 🙂

  5. Thrift stores have been a wonderful resource when looking for jeans for my son who seems to outgrow them every week!

  6. I wish I could get that lucky at Salvation Army. Guess I am going to have to poke around the one where we live now and see if it is good like yours. Thanks for linking up for Fabulously Frugal Thursday.

    • it’s definitely hit or miss. the trick is going often and to different ones. I’ve seen churches that have “flea markets” but haven’t stopped in yet

  7. Too funny, I have a rescheduled post on thrifting kids clothes set to post soon too. That being said, I love your post, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Once Upon A Child are amazing ways to restock your childrens clothing, and earth friendly too!

    • i haven’t been to Once Upon a Child in years. The one I used to go too have a grumpy old man working in it and it turned me away from visiting too much.

  8. You found some great things! I love consignment shopping. I went to JBF Oaks and got some really great things, but I need to start heading out to Goodwill and Salvation Army again.

  9. nannypanpan says

    i love thrifting..got a great pair of lands end boots this yr…almost new…for 2 bucks

  10. Chrissy Blake says

    I love finding a good deal, but I can’t get into thrift stores. I just can’t get past that I don’t know where the clothes have been. I have managed to get some great prices on my kids summer clothes though. We found great deals at Burlington. They have the clothes I want at about half what the department stores sell them for You should take a look at burlingtoncoatfactory

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