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Document Spring Cleaning #LifeLock

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financial-spring-cleaning-2April 15th is less than two weeks away which means most of us should be in the home stretch when it comes to taxes. If you aren’t in the home stretch you better get a move on and fast because the tax man waits for no one. Just because tax day is less than two weeks away doesn’t mean you should drop the ball now after being so diligent and proactive all year long. You need to always keep your eye on the prize and the prize is keeping your identity safe and secure from thieves.

The way I like to keep my families identity safe is every spring after tax time I like to organize all important documents from the year prior and shred what I no longer need. I could probably do a little every month throughout the year but I don’t and I wait every single year until the last minute and do it all in one day which takes ALL day. The good news is that I am pretty good at keeping everything all in one place but I am not very good and keeping it all organized during the year.

Like I already mentioned any documents that I no longer need from the prior year I make sure I shred them. Don’t just throw your important documents in the trash for someone to find and steal your identity. Also, tearing up documents is better than nothing but if you want to make sure your important documents don’t get into the wrong persons hand invest in a shredder and you will never have to worry again.

What do you do to keep your identity safe? Do you go through your important documents and get rid of ones you no longer need?

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  1. YOu are so right about how tax time can really bring out that kind of theft! I actually havent gotten my taxes back from my tax guy. Its not going to be good i fear.


    • That stinks. I know we don’t own but we aren’t getting a refunbd either but at least we don’t owe. LOL.

  2. I soooooooo badly need to do this!! I have crap from LAST year still LOL

  3. I put all my important documents in a safe lock hidden in my bedroom. I shred whatever I have no use of.

  4. I know I need to do this but I never remember to. Or I am always worried I will need them later.

    • That is a valid point but I feel after a year I should have no use for old receipts and stuff like that so I shred like it’s 1999. LOL.

  5. Oh my. I should be done with taxes.. but I’m not. Thanks for the reminder ugh 😉

  6. I was so scared one we had the baby and shredding stuff.. I always hope it’s shredded enough and then of course online.. ahh. We signed up both of us and the baby!

    • That’s good that you signed up. You can never be to careful in keeping your identity protected.

  7. Love having Lifelock 🙂

  8. We are submitting ours this weekend! This is the first time we’ve had someone do them & it made us nervous to hand that info over but we have LifeLock so we know we’ll be okay.

    • That’s awesome and how cool that you don’t have to do your own taxes. I hate taxes. UGH! LOL.

  9. My paper clutter is a horror, and my digital hord isn’t any better :/

  10. You know, I guess I never think about that kind of safety. I don’t know why. Most of my stuff is just in my nightstand. Safe, right? =(

  11. Great tips! We also make good use of our shredder.

  12. I have a GC to LifeLock; I’ve got to find it. Thanks for the reminder!

  13. We shred everything we don’t need also. My kids love sticking in the shredder!

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