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A Crafty Night with #ACMooreGNO

Last week I was joined by 8 other bloggers for a crafty night of fun. This was the inaugural A.C. Moore Girls Night Out.

ACMooreGNO Bloggers

A couple of months back I pitched AC Moore in a selfish attempt to let me and my friends use one of their rooms to get together for a night of laughs and crafts. Get this, they fell for it.  In fact they came through with such an awesome event that I’m hoping to help them organize more for other bloggers.

We were joined by A.C. Moore’s Director or Education, Marketing Manager and Activity Coordinator, A.C. Moore’s PR Rep and a brand representative from Beacon Adhesives. Stepping into that room I knew they meant business. We were set up with complete stations with everything we needed to create 2 fun projects that fit our skill levels. Within the group we had some crafty mavens and some crafty hesitant but the steps of each craft were laid out clearly and there were plenty examples given from our leader Robin.

The  night was filled laughs and information about products and inspiration and crafting stories from the pros and the bloggers.

Here is what we worked on.

The Quilled Roses Mini Wreath was my favorite. It did take the longest since I had to finish my roses and assembly at home.
Quilled Roses on Min Wreath, ACMooreGNO,

quilled rosettes on wreath craft, #ACMooreGNO

quilled roses supplies

quilled roses supplies
The first craft we did was this Patchwork Paper Composition Book.

Patchwork Paper Notebook, ACMooreGNO
All the pretty squares were provided along with adhesives and the notebook. I’m using mine for the next conference I attend. I plan on making a couple more of these with different themed paper for different personalities.

Check out your local A.C. Moore location from Maine down to Florida or online for project ideas and top crafting brands.