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The Many Steps for a Green Lawn with @HomeDepot #digin

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.
Getting our backyard lawn to a state that we are proud of wasn’t hard but needed the right steps. We listened to the advice of the experts from Home Depot and following maintenance schedules so that we guaranteed ourselves good results.

One month after the first mow, application of fertilizer/feed and using a Flexogen garden hose by Gilmour to water we have the greenest lawn we ever had in this home. It took a few steps with a few products but it was worth it to give us something we want enjoy all summer long.

We started with a cleaned up yard. The kids helped pull weeds and toss rocks out of the grass. The shrubs were trimmed back and the garden beds were cleaned of weeds.

The grass was treated with Scotts Turf Builder 15.97 lb. Fertilizer with Plus 2 Weed Control We had heard some horror stories about this product from people saying it burned their lawn. The research we did found out that they were not applying correctly. We’ve had success in the past so felt confident in applying again.

In fact within days we saw a decrease in weeds and increase in plusher grass. We back up to a large community space that is filled with weeds so keeping them away from our yard takes a couple extra steps. We do some spot treatments using a weed and crabgrass killer. This works great for those mutant dandelions and spaces under the deck stairs or along the fence line. With just 2 applications the changes are incredible.

Another obstacle we have to contend with are the dogs. They are little dogs so their damage isn’t threatening to the entire look and health of the yard. We are filling in the bare spots with an repair seed.

The side yard was its own beast. The shrubs were so overgrown. Right now we have a mix of boxwoods, butterfly bush and peonies and everything has flourished just with a little extra care and nutrient. I’ll be honest and say I don’t spend too much time tending to that part of the house. It’s green when it needs to be, covers the dull concrete wall as people pull up and that’s all I cared about. This year I want flowers and shrubs that impress.
#Digin Butterfly Bush Growing

#digin Pruning the Side Yard

#Digin Peonies Ready to Bloom
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