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Mother’s Day SunCatcher Craft from Plastic Container

With Mother’s Day right around the corner I’ve been thinking of what my youngest could make for my mother. She doesn’t need mugs or aprons or vases or flowers. I’ve been told not to buy another frame because their shelves are overflowing already. Personally I love a little something homemade.

This “stained glass” flower was simple enough for anyone to do and best of all it was free, made with materials that would’ve ended up in the recycle bin.

Sun Catcher from Plastic Container

Plastic Strawberry or Spinach container (or other produce)
Image of choice (printed clip art, magazine or coloring book)
Fishing line for hanging

Find your largest space of flat plastic from your container, cut it out and clean and dry it.
Suncatcher Supplies
Find an imageyour want to trace onto the plastic piece. I went for very little detail this time around but more details would look great. Tape your plastic over your image an trace it with a black marker. For more intricate images I would suggest a fine point marker.
Tracing Suncatcher Image

Once your image is completely outlined proceed to fill in to. I used brush tip Sharpies for these larger areas.
coloring in Suncatcher
Once your plastic is dried go ahead and cut along the outline and poke a tiny hole (pushpin) in the top and thread your wire or string. Hang in a sunny window.
colored in suncatcher

As you can see I made this on my own. This was a test before I had the kids work on it. It came out great and I plan to make more with all kinds of designs.