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Back To School With #LifeLock

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I am a LifeLock Ambassador and was compensated for this post but ALL opinions are my own!!

School for most kids has either started or will be starting within the next week.  School here in Delaware started on Monday which meant new clothes, sneakers and tons of school supplies for Sabreena, Shaun and Shae. The kids seem pretty excited for school for the most part and I am as well but the one thing that I am not looking forward to is all of the forms that Melinda and I will need to fill out.

I am not a fan of filling out tons of forms that contain personal information and then trusting my children to get them back to school. I’m not saying I don’t trust my kids I am just saying a lot of stuff can happen between the bus stop and the classroom.  I often wonder how much of the information that we are required to fill out and send back to school is actually needed.  Shaun and Shae go to the same school but we are still required to fill out the same general forms with the same exact information.  I often wonder who at the school sees these forms and what is being done to safe guard our personal information.  I am hoping that the forms are filed and that only authorized personnel are able to access them when necessary.

According to LifeLock, children make prime targets for identity thieves specifically because they have no credit history and thus, clean credit reports. Also, because parents don’t think to check their children’s credit histories, the theft can continue unchecked for over a decade. How appealing are children’s identities to identity thieves? According to a recent news article, police agencies are saying children are now the fastest growing segment of identity theft victims.

After reading that children are prime targets for identity theft it scares me even more that I am required to provide so much personal information that I am not even 100% sure is really necessary.  All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that the school is taking every precaution necessary to keep my kids identity safe and every piece of personal information confidential.  Since I am not a fan of crossing my fingers the only fool proof thing to do is stay protected with LifeLock so that I know I am cover and that my children’s  identity is safe and secure.

If you are looking for that extra step in keeping you and your families identity safe make sure you have LifeLock.

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