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New Way To Pick Gifts With pickURgift

**This post is brought to you by PickURGift on behalf of Brandfluential.  All opinions stated are my own.

Today there is a gift registry for everything from bridal gifts to house warming gifts to even birthday gifts.  I understand the point of gift registries because people want what they want and what easier way to let everyone know what they really want.

Recently I was approached by Brandfluential to do a review of a site called pickURgift.  When I first looked over the site the first thing I thought was reverse wish list.  The concept behind pickURgift is you create an account, set up a gift page, select a bunch of gifts for a certain person, send the list over to the person for them to select what gifts they want then you go and purchase the gift or gifts the person selected.

Bradfluential paired us with another awesome blogger and I was paired with Andrew Kardon from Mom’s Busy…Go Ask Dad.  My first task was to figure out what Andrew was interested in.  I read somewhere in the past that he loved video games and comics.  I must admit that selecting gifts for other people especially for people that you don’t know very well isn’t as easy as you would think.  I did had to contact Andrew via Facebook and dig a little further into what his interests were so that I could have a nice selection of gifts for him to choose from.  When it was all said and done I feel like I chose a nice array of gifts for Andrew to select from and in the end he selected Injustice for Xbox 360 and an awesome set of headphones for the Xbox 360 and computer.

The process wasn’t to bad once I actually read how the process works.

First I signed up for a free account:



Then I added Andrew and set up a gift page for him:



Added the UR button which you use when you go to any site like Amazon, Macy’s, etc.  All you do once you find the gift you are looking for is hit the UR button that you will have installed on your tool bar and the gift is added on your gift page.

Once you are finished shopping you can then send your gift page over to the recipient for them to select what gift or gifts they would like to receive.


Once they have selected everything they want you will get a notification letting you know they are done and then you can go to the site where you found the gift and purchase it and have it sent right to the recipient.

In the end after I went back and looked at everything it’s a pretty easy process.  Just in case you were wondering what Andrew selected for me he picked a Tennessee Titans BBQ set, Tattoo Bible Book for my Kindle, rapid charger for my Kindle and an awesome set of Rubik cube coasters.

If you are looking for a new way to give gifts head over to pickURgifts.