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No Dye Decorated Easter Eggs

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Our family doesn’t put much thought into the characters of holidays and traditions like the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or Elf on the Shelf. BUT I do love the look of decorated Easter eggs, they are just so pretty. Here are some of the cutest No-Dye Decorated Easter Egg designs I’ve found.¬†No -Dye Decorated Easter Eggs

Mom.Me Sharpie Marker Eggs

Kimberley Stoney Glitter  Dot Eggs

Adam & Sons Confetti Dot Eggs

Lovely Indeed Washi Tape Eggs

A Thrifty Mom Melted Crayon Eggs

Landeelu Twine Wrapped Eggs

Pinching Your Pennies Fabric Covered Eggs

There is nothing wrong with dyeing eggs but why not step out of the box and test you creative abilities with options like these.

Some of these crafts can be done with inexpensive plastic or styofoam eggs instead of real eggs so they can be saved and set out each year.

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  1. All of these are awesome, but I LOVE the glitter dot ones! They almost look like a mermaids tale.. SO cool!!

  2. All of those are pretty amazing but I especially like the twine wrapped eggs. They’re unique.

  3. Now I feel so lazy for buying that kit at Walmart for .99 to color mine LOL. Those are all so awesome.

  4. But. But. No ones hands will turn colors! Lol!! Cute ideas

  5. These are GREAT ideas for decorating Easter eggs! The traditional color dyes can be SO messy. I am hoping to do something different this year. I love the idea of using melted crayons, so cool.

  6. I love to decorate eggs – it is one of our Easter traditions! FUN Great ideas for no dye – showing the kids your post.

  7. Decorating eggs for Easter is so fun. I can’t wait!

  8. So many amazing looking eggs. Confession…we’ve never dyed eggs with my kids. Between school and church, we are usually egged out by the time Easter rolls around.

  9. This looks fun, and clean. I love dying eggs, but hate the mess. I might have to try this this year.

  10. That is a gorgeous collection of eggs!
    But I need chocolate filled ones! Mitch

  11. Oh, I LOVE the confetti ones! They look like little dragon eggs!

  12. I love all of pretty colors of spring associated with Easter – yay for pastels! I like dyeing eggs but these are all fun options too, and probably less mess too!

  13. These are some really great ideas. The twine wrapped eggs really caught my attention and I think I am going to make some of them this year. The are all really unique.

  14. All of those are pretty and perfect for our Easter. I especially like the ones where you can mark on them. My son would love to do that.

  15. This is so cool and clever! I would love to avoid the dye with my kids, haha!

  16. These are so awesome! I am so not a fan of dyeing eggs. I want to try a few of these out. Thanks for the great roundup.

  17. These all look great! I’ll have to try some of these with my grandkids.

  18. I love the ones wrapped in twine! I’ve wrapped a few things in twine that now decorate my house, but I hadn’t thought of decorating eggs with them. So cute!

  19. I need to try the washi tape and the melted crayon eggs. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  20. Those are awesome!! I am not huge on the idea of using the dye, so using glitter or a sharpie pen sounds far more appealing to me. Washi tape is so huge right now too (hello Target $1 spot!) so that would be a cheap, easy way too! Great finds!!!

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