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Paper Pinwheels in Mini Flowerpots #craft

Happy Spring! Today marks the day of a new season full of promise and excitement. The green grass and daffodils poking through the snowflakes shows that there are BIG things happening. In our house we looking forward getting outside and enjoying the weather changes and shining sun. In the meantime we’re crafting fun and colorful things like these Paper Pinwheels in Mini Flowerpots.Paper Pinwheels in Flowerpots
This craft is also part of a mini clay pot challenge brought forward by Barb of A Life in Balance.

This is what I came up with.


  • mini clay flowerpot
  • beads or marbles
  • Styrofoam ball
  • paper
  • brads
  • skewers
  • glue

Paper Pinwheels Supplies #craft


I’m a Silhouette Cameo user so my pinwheel shapes are cut out for me but cutting these out yourself is very simple. Using this tutorial is one of the easiest I’ve ever seen and can be modified for any size pinwheel.

Taking your pinwheel shape and pull the ends down and secure with a brad. OR you can follow the directions on the tutorial and use the pin and pencil method to make it spin. My version doesn’t spin in the wind.

Paper Pinwheels in Mini Flowerpots

Paper Pinwheels

My version has you adding a blob of glue to the back of the pinwheel and securing the skewer in place with a scrap of paper on top for a cleaner look.Paper Pinwheels #craft

Paper Pinwheels #craft

Place your styrofoam ball to the clay pot, use glue if wanted. Arrange your pinwheels in your styrofoam ball.styrofoam for pinwheels

Add your beads or marbles to cover the styrofoam. Again using glue if wanted.Adding marbles Pinwheels #craft

Your pinwheel bouquet is ready to display.Paper pinwheels


  1. Those are so cute and perfect for spring. Actually, they would be awesome centerpieces for Easter, too!

  2. So cute! What a fun centerpiece for Spring. They look pretty easy to make too.

  3. This is absolutely adorable! It looks so easy too. These would be super cute to sit on my desk.

  4. Melinda – these are SO cute! I love how they are so versatile depending on the type of paper you choose. I was just at Michaels the other day and saw some new red, white and blue papers that would make perfect patriotic pinwheels. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This is a super cute craft!! Going to have to attempt it! lol

  6. These are really neat! And not nearly as hard looking to make as I would have guessed they’d be.

  7. those are really cute!! I think I could use those for part of my bridging to juniors ceremony with my brownies!

  8. These are so cute! Perfect craft for spring!

  9. Those are so cute and perfect for spring. I had so much scrapbook paper laying around, I should do this.

  10. This paper pinwheel craft is so cute. I think I would have to make new ones for every holiday and occasion! I need to save this so I can see it again soon.

  11. Very cute! I’ve made a few pinwheel centerpieces for parties. I love how cute they are for kid’s parties or baby showers.

  12. How pretty are those! They look simple enough I may even be able to make them. 😉

  13. Oh my these are fun and cute looking! My kids would love to try and make them with me. Great Spring decor!

  14. If you’re going to have a pinwheel, I’d want it to spin – that’s over half the fun. I like the papers you picked.

    • I totally agree that they should spin. If I made these with the kids then I would’ve used the pin method but this is just sitting on my desk. just something pretty to look at 🙂

  15. This is a very cute craft that I know my kids would love! I think they would end up breaking the flowers really fast though!

  16. I’ve always loved pinwheels. They do remind me of being a kid. 🙂

  17. These are adorable. I made something similar for 4th of July a few years back.

  18. I love these pinwheels! So cute and easy to make.

  19. This is a really cute project! My son loves pinwheels. I’d definitely have to make the ones that would spin.

  20. This is such a fun craft project! I always wanted to make pinwheels

  21. What a fun craft to do with the kiddos! The pinwheels themselves would be great to put in May Day Baskets!

  22. that is adorable!! 😀 oh oh oh i need to make this!!

  23. Those are beautiful and so perfect for spring.

  24. These are super cute. My dauhger will love making these, and they are perfect for spring/summer.

  25. I love paper pinwheels! Believe it or not, I made them for my wedding centerpieces.

  26. If this doesn’t say Spring I don’t know what does. Love this and would be fun to make with my girls.

  27. This are really cute! Now I want to go pick up a couple mini clay pots.

  28. These are so cute. It would be a great project for me and my girl. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Those are so cute, and it looks like such a fun craft! I am not very crafty though, I bet mine wouldn’t turn out nearly as beautiful!

  30. So cute! I love pinwheels! Thanks for linking up.

  31. A craft easy enough for me to make? Sign me up please! Those pinwheels are so flippin’ cute.

  32. What a fun project for spring. I kill everything (plant wise) so these would be right up my alley

  33. I love these. They would look so cute at a birthday party. May do it with my niece over spring break!

  34. This would be a great (and easy) way to bring a little Spring into the house. (Much better than staring out the window at the snow that refuses to melt!)

  35. These are so cute. I want to make some with my 9 year old, she loves crafts.

  36. Paper pinwheels are so much fun to make. Also, what a fun little challenge. I might have to try to make something with a clay pot now 🙂

  37. This is such a great project! Pinwheels always make me think of warm weather.

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