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Paper Pinwheels in Mini Flowerpots #craft

Happy Spring! Today marks the day of a new season full of promise and excitement. The green grass and daffodils poking through the snowflakes shows that there are BIG things happening. In our house we looking forward getting outside and enjoying the weather changes and shining sun. In the meantime we’re crafting fun and colorful things like these Paper Pinwheels in Mini Flowerpots.Paper Pinwheels in Flowerpots
This craft is also part of a mini clay pot challenge brought forward by Barb of A Life in Balance.

This is what I came up with.


  • mini clay flowerpot
  • beads or marbles
  • Styrofoam ball
  • paper
  • brads
  • skewers
  • glue

Paper Pinwheels Supplies #craft


I’m a Silhouette Cameo user so my pinwheel shapes are cut out for me but cutting these out yourself is very simple. Using this tutorial is one of the easiest I’ve ever seen and can be modified for any size pinwheel.

Taking your pinwheel shape and pull the ends down and secure with a brad. OR you can follow the directions on the tutorial and use the pin and pencil method to make it spin. My version doesn’t spin in the wind.

Paper Pinwheels in Mini Flowerpots

Paper Pinwheels

My version has you adding a blob of glue to the back of the pinwheel and securing the skewer in place with a scrap of paper on top for a cleaner look.Paper Pinwheels #craft

Paper Pinwheels #craft

Place your styrofoam ball to the clay pot, use glue if wanted. Arrange your pinwheels in your styrofoam ball.styrofoam for pinwheels

Add your beads or marbles to cover the styrofoam. Again using glue if wanted.Adding marbles Pinwheels #craft

Your pinwheel bouquet is ready to display.Paper pinwheels