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Painted Ceramic Owl #upcycle

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I’m always on the hunt for inexpensive decor items for my home. It’s only recently that I realized what a huge difference art and sculptures and glassware can do to make a difference on a boring shelf.  For a long time I decorated with photos. While I still have tons of photos in my house I’ve starting incorporating more trends like this Painted Ceramic Owl #upcycle.
Painted Ceramic Owl #upcycle

I spotted him in a thrift store for $3. I hated the color of him but loved the size the shape. He was small enough to fit anywhere and had a good look. Painted Ceramic Owl #upcycle

I took him home and scrubbed him clean and set him on a shelf for a couple days till I decided what I wanted to do. I went with simple. I gave him 3-4 coats of bright white glossy spray paint.

It took most of the day to get all the coats on with a good amount of drying time in-between then another 2 days of him sitting on a shelf to completely cure and then he went on a small shelf along with some picture frames and a simple candle holder with candle.

Painted Ceramic Owl #upcycle

Painted Ceramic Owl #upcycle


Sometimes he takes up residence on a shelf in the kitchen. He’s adorable with his new coat of paint. Painted Ceramic Owl #upcycle

If I had decided on moving him to our bedroom he would’ve gotten a coat of Tiffany Blue to match our end tables.

This is an easy and expensive way to add a little something you didn’t know that you needed. See more of my crafty projects and upcycle ventures.

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  1. I love owls and I think that you did was really cool. It came out awesome and for $3, that is a big bargain!

  2. Wow, did you paint that? That looks awesome. Me, I do not have that kind of patience!

  3. Your owl is so beautiful! I love that you were able to breathe new life into a thrifty find. He will look gorgeous in any room now!

  4. What a difference that made painting it white! What a smart idea!!

  5. Oh I definitely love him white! I’ve been taking my son to paint ceramics a couple of times (I take a class on Tuesday nights) and we’re slowly building a collection of his artwork. 🙂

  6. That is adorable. Great job you did and fantastic price.

  7. I remember all that 70s art. I wish I found cool stuff like this at my Goodwill!

  8. What a great idea! It really made a difference on how it looked.Now I want to head to my local goodwill to find something to paint!!

  9. Mickey says

    You did a great job! Very cute little owl. 🙂

  10. I love that owl in white. I would never see it in it’s original state beyond that. And, here you just give him a new paint job and he’s a million times better!

  11. If I would have seen that owl in the store I would have never thought of painting it white. It looks awesome!

  12. I love using owls for decorating. Your project came out great!

  13. I wouldn’t have thought to do this! So creative!

  14. What a great idea. I need to go scope out our local Goodwill’s. I’m looking for a few frames that I’m thinking could be spray painted white.

  15. I wish I could see things with an eye for their potential like you do. That’s awesome!

  16. Your little owl turned out great! I love that you can see the potential in something like that with just a little change.

  17. That’s a pretty good paint job. He looks very realistic. I don’t know that I could paint something like that.

  18. Beautiful! I love the updated look. So glad owls are making a comeback too.

  19. I love classic white home decor pieces. This one is stunning.

  20. Tiffany @DaydreamingRealist says

    My grandma (Nanny) always bought ceramic stuff and painted it; she was a true artist. She would buy outdoor things, like ceramic/cement decor, bird feeders etc and paint them by hand. I love the renewed love for this little owl; he looks great in your house.

  21. He turned out really cute. My mom is a huge fan of owls!

  22. I agree while the brown coloring was supposed to be realistic, he just looked cross eyed. LOL I think the glossy white paint gave him new life and now he can fit in easily with any decorative style you have going 🙂

  23. Such a great idea! You can snag one of these critters at the dollars store and turn them into something you would pay $10 for at a home wares store!

  24. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    He was cute as you found him. But wow what a difference the paint makes!

  25. Amy Desrosiers says

    Wow, that is so awesome! I love owls, and think him in white is really awesome looking!

  26. What a simple way to transform the owl. I really do love the after look, and it will fit in with any decor. Good Job!

  27. I wouldn’t have thought to do that. Your owl looks great. What a find!

  28. Ashley M says

    That is precious! I’m obsessed with owls recently 🙂

  29. I think I’ve seen that same owl at the thrift shop! 😉 It looks awesome all white! Perfect and modern!

  30. I love the bright white! I would have never thought to do something so simple.

  31. That looks great! You did a wonderful job with the paint. I love birds – owls included

  32. I just love owls! Great job with the upcycle.

  33. Looks modern and majestic! I love his new home

  34. Cute! I love how you upcycled him to fit right into your decor!

  35. He does look totally different now! A very good project!

  36. Carrie F. says

    I actually found the exact owl (for 50 cents at a yard sale) and painted him lime green!!

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