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ProFlowers and Evite #PartyBlooms Sweepstakes

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proflowers disclosureWho doesn’t love the look, smell and feel of fresh flowers and plants in a room. It takes such a simple undertaking to make a big impression. That impression could be in a home or someone’s day. ProFlowers has been making a HUGE impression on my mood and my home over the last few weeks.  And now ProFlowers is partnering with Evite to give 10 lucky people 6-months of flowers to make the Perfect Pair

Host a Party on Evite by 6/30/14
Post a photo of flowers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #PartyBlooms so your image can be found.
Find Official Rules here.

Love Flowers @ProFlowers @Evite #PartyBlooms I’d gladly accept flowers for the next 6 months.  Lilies are my favorite, I love their large colorful blooms and fragrant scent.  Tulips with their rainbow of colors is a close second. I’ve noticed if I have fresh flowers in the house I’m more likely to keep the tables cleared off so as not to distract from the beauty of the bouquet. So I guess fresh flowers help me to keep a cleaner, neater home. I should let my husband in on this little bit of insight.

Whether you’re trying to decorate your home, a party space or special evening for two trust in flowers to evoke the proper aura of sophistication or fun. Use Evite to help create the perfect event with a wide variety of invitations for all types of events.

I’m using Evite for Sabreena’s graduation party later this month.  We’re looking at keeping the decor fun and festive so bright bouquets like these would fit in so well.

These are arrangements (and Shari’s Berries) I’ve received recently from #ProFlowers and I love them.Love Flowers @ProFlowers @Evite #PartyBloomsLove Flowers @ProFlowers @Evite #PartyBlooms
sharis berriesLove Flowers @ProFlowers @Evite #PartyBlooms

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ProFlowers is offering you 20% of your purchase with coupon code: PARTYBLOOMS
This should make your or the recipient so happy.

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  1. Those flowers are simply gorgeous!

  2. Those chocolate covered strawberries are speaking my language!!

  3. Those strawberries look heavenly!! What a great sweepstakes.

  4. Angela S says

    Beautiful images! Fresh flowers are perfect for any celebration!

  5. So pretty! I love the unique presentation too. Flowers in a vase may never do it for me again.

  6. Gorgeous flowers! 🙂

  7. Crystal Gibson says

    I just saw this on another site and can’t get over the ProFlowers quality and beauty. The little burlap bag is so cute!!

  8. These are so pretty, and would make a lovely gift

  9. Mmmmm, those berries sure look tasty. You can never go wrong with a gift of those berries.

  10. Gosh, those flowers are SO PRETTY! And those chocolate covered strawberries are making my stomach rumble. Shari’s Berries are the BEST!!

  11. Jennifer @ My Sweet Sanity says

    Chocolate covered strawberries are one of my favorite things. Pair them with some lovely flowers and how can you go wrong?

  12. I love flowers- whenever I have the chance I get some fresh flowers for our home. Those are beautiful!

  13. Those are amazing. I love fresh flowers, they always brighten up a room

  14. Flowers make me happy and I get so excited when the buds start opening. These bouquets are gorgeous!

  15. What pretty flowers! I love spider mums. 🙂 Is that a blue “mason” jar that came with the arrangement?

  16. That bouquet featuring the little bird is just darling.

  17. Such a beautiful arrangement and I am drooling over those strawberries!

  18. Oh, those flowers are so beautiful. And I of course couldn’t say no to those delicious looking chocolate covered strawberries.

  19. I want some of those strawberries!! Looks so good!

  20. Those bouquets are adorable. I love having fresh flowers in my house.

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