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The Big Day

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The biggest day of Sabreena’s life is about to happen. High School Graduation is today. This marks the end of a childhood and the start of her adult life. Her next step into college is one she takes pretty much on her own, no more homework reminders or scolding for staying up too late.

The phrase “This is the 1st day of the rest of your life” never felt so poignant.

Kindergarten Assembly

Sabreena Kindergarten Assembly

PeeWee Soccer
Sabreena Soccer

Sabreena’s 12th Birthday

Sabreena's 12th Birthday

Sabreena’s 10th Grade HomecomingSabreena 10th Grade HomecomingThe Graduate

The Graduate


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  1. Congratulations on her big day! I love all the pictures of her growing up!

  2. Congrats to your daughter. Graduation from high school is bitter-sweet as a Mom. Proud they are growing up to be responsible adults and also sad they have grown up so fast. It is amazing how fast the years go by when your children are home with you. AMAZING!

  3. Wow! She’s grown into a young woman! Why’d you let that happen? 🙂

  4. Congratulations to her! It must be so surreal for you! There’s a bright future ahead of her!

  5. Congratulations to your daughter,Kiddies grow up so fast,My oldest i still remember her as a baby like it was yesterday lol.

  6. Mazel Tov to the entire family. So hard to believe that the kids are growing up so quickly. Following your blog for all these years, it happened with a blink of the eye. Have a wonderful summer.

  7. Congrats to her! The timeline of photos was too cute.

  8. Congratulations!!! Don’t forget to pack tissues, mom! xoxo

  9. OH my gosh, I’m practically crying for you with happy and sad tears. I can’t believe your little girl is young woman about to fly now. Congratulations!

  10. Beautiful young woman with so much ahead of her. Congrats.

  11. Time flies incredibly fast with our little ones, doesn’t it? Congrats to her on her graduation. Hugs, Mama!

  12. I just can’t even think about it. It’s so far away and yet I know it will be here tomorrow! Happy, nervous and excited for you all!

  13. Happy graduation to Sabreena and your entire family! What a great accomplishment and exciting time!

  14. Congrats to her! It’s amazing how quickly it all goes!

  15. Elizabeth@ Food Ramblings says

    Congrats- high school graduation is a huge milestone!

  16. Congrats! Isn’t it funny to look at all the photos gone by? Next thing you know she’ll be done with college and seriously dating someone!

  17. Congrats to you all! We are graduating elementary school and I know we will be speeding to where you are now, that is why I really try to savor today!

  18. Congratulations to the graduate. Time really does fly!

  19. Time goes by so quickly. My middle child just graduated from Kindergarten and I can’t believe it.

  20. Wow this makes me teary eyed thinking about my daughter graduating in a couple of years. She will be 17 this year but will only be a junior in high school in August. The time goes by so quickly.

  21. Wow! Can I say how much I LOVE that you saved this pics. Precious moments.

  22. Congrats to your not-so-baby baby! Please tell her that some stranger form the internet LOVES her haircut!

  23. Your daughter is so beautiful – I can’t imagine what it feels like to have a high school graduate! My niece and my best friend’s daughter just graduated last week and it made me all depressed knowing that Angeline will graduate in two years! Bless Sabreena – I hope she has a wonderful future!

  24. Ann BAcciaglia says

    What a lovely young lady. Such a special time for her. My son graduated last year and it has been amazing watching him grow into an adult.

  25. Ann BAcciaglia says

    What a lovely young lady. Such a special time for her. My son graduated last year and it has been amazing watching him grow into an adult.

  26. Congratulations to your daughter! Watching our kids grow up from little bundles to amazing adults is an unbelievable experience.

  27. Congrats! My son just graduated and it makes me sad. It goes by so quick!

  28. Wow! Mine is graduating next year. She is a beautiful young lady. Congrats to her

  29. Congratulations, I know you’re one proud mom!!! Love all of the photos.

  30. A beautiful timeline for a beautiful girl! Many good wishes for her next journey!

  31. your daughter is beautiful.I’m sure you are proud! Great photos!!

  32. Wow! What a beautiful girl. She has grown to be quite the young lady.

  33. Aw! Congratulations to you and her for making it through those years. Now, the fun really begins! 😀

  34. Becca @ Mama B says

    Ohhh! Congratulations! High school graduation is SO exciting! Best of luck to her!

  35. She is STUNNING!! Congrats to your daughter on her graduation. May her future be bright!!

  36. Congrats! I love the pictures! Her face has not changed a bit! Still see your baby in there. 🙂

  37. Congrats to your daughter. It is amazing how fast the time goes by

  38. What a great day for your daughter! My is 5 and I do not know where the time is going. All I know is “they” are right- it goes by in a blink of an eye.

  39. Congratulations to you and your daughter on the completion of one journey and the start of another.

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