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2014 Kia Soul #DriveSTI

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2014 disclosure

kia soul

I love driving new cars even if they aren’t mine and recently I had the chance to drive the 2014 Kia Soul for a week also known as an urban hatchback.

The first think I noticed when I got home from work was the awesome red color (Inferno Red) and the sick 18 inch alloy wheels. I love new cars and I especially like messing around with all of the cool features.


The 2014 Kia Soul that we had for the week had the whole shabang like an Infinity sound system with satellite radio, panoramic sunroof with power sunshade, speaker lights (Front Door Speaker Trim Lights can pulsate to the beat of the music and even change color),  leather interior with ventilated and heated seats and the list goes on and on.  I am amazed at how many features a car company can pack into one vehicle.  My current car is an 2007 and has maybe one or two features but no where near the features that the 2014 Kia Soul has.


seats kia

steering wheel

I must admit that I really like the Kia Soul that we had and feel that it would be a great first car for Sabreena.  The Kia Soul is affordable which is great for her and safe with 4 wheel ABS, full length curtain side airbags, dual front seat-mounted side airbags and dual front advanced airbags.

Another great feature that I liked about the Kia was the gas mileage which was about 31 highway/23 city. I drive about 60 to 70 miles round trip to work 5 days a week so I need a car that is going to give me great mileage and allow me to save a few bucks on gas.

I also love all of the leg room, head room and cargo room that the 2014 Kia Soul had to offer.  We  used the Kia to go to one of Shaun’s lacrosse games and the truck easily accommodated all of his gear as well as chairs, a cooler and a ton of other stuff that we needed for the day. The 60/40 rear seat split really came in handy.

rear seat

We have reviewed maybe 5 or 6 Kia’s and the Soul is one of my favorites.  I was hesitant at first due to its size and I thought it wouldn’t have a lot of get up and go but I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised and loved everything that the Soul had to offer.  I am sure there are a ton of features that I missed and never got a chanced to mess with but I am happy with all of the features that I did get to test out.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle (unfortunately we aren’t at this time which stinks) give the Kia Soul a look.  You will definitely be happy with all of the car that you get for your money.

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  1. That sunroom is super sweet! Looks like KIA is really stepping up there game!

  2. I love the split rear seat. So handy! And what a good looking car!

  3. Gosh.. so much room. Love the rear seat.

  4. What a funny looking square car! I love the panoramic rooftop.

  5. That car is so adorable. It also has some nice features!

  6. I have heard such great things about Kia’s. I definitely want to try one out before I buy my next car.

  7. I can’t see the word KIA and not think of dancing hamsters. Looks pretty roomy in there. I also like the sunroof!

  8. I’ve wondered a few times now about the Kia brand. Thank you for sharing a closer look at it (with no sales pressure).

  9. The inside of that car looks so sleek! I’m a sucker for nice aesthetics!

  10. There’s an awesome amount of space. We love Kia’s.

  11. That looks like a fun ride. I like how spacious it looks.

  12. That sunroof is just amazing! What a view!

  13. I love the idea of heated seats! That sunroof is pretty awesome too!

  14. It seems so roomy! And I dream of heated seats!

  15. This looks like a good one for my daughter. We are in the market for a new car

  16. I am a totally typical New Yorker, I don’t drive, don’t even have a license as I take public transpo everywhere, but I love the Kia car commercials with those cute giant hamsters! Looks like a sweet ride! 🙂

  17. That is really nice.I love the sun roof and the controls on the steering wheel.

  18. Elizabeth@ Food Ramblings says

    I love the panoramic sunroof- that would be great in the summer!

  19. what a cute little car. Love the split rear seat. Kia is my fave!!

  20. My MIL has one of these and she loves it… I like the sun roof!

  21. I have seen the KIA Souls around town but never seen the inside of one! Honestly it looks AMAZING< way more spacious than I thought it would be! looks like an awesome car!

  22. Looks like a great car! I got a chance to test drive my friends, and I liked it.

  23. You got to drive the hamster vehicle! I always remember those commercials, but seriously this soul is so fun!

  24. I love the Kia Souls and I want one so bad! I love the roof and the steering wheel controls.

  25. We don’t own a vehicle or drive but I love reading these reviews and tests… We will be looking in the future so it’s helpful!

  26. That looks like an awesome pre-four-kids-including-twins car! Once they are all grown I will be downsizing! 😀

  27. It would be a good size for me, I think. I don’t need a new car right now either, but this is an option for later.

  28. I have to say, Kia has come a long way and really switched up their style. This is a nice looking car.

  29. Tracey says

    This car is a perfect size! I am actually in the market for a new car, so thanks for sharing this!

  30. I love love love the panaromic room. Kia vehicles offer so many great options.

  31. I love the panoramic sunroof. I want one in my car!

  32. That sunroof is awesome! It’s like the car doesn’t even HAVE a roof!

  33. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I love the panoramic sunroof. What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing.

  34. The rear split in the seats is convenient. I always buy the longest shelf and have to figure out how to get it home.

  35. I will be in the market for a new vehicle by the end of the year. I really like how roomy this one seems. I am really going to have to test drive one as soon as we start getting serious on our search!

  36. Angela S says

    That is such a cute little car. It looks like it has pretty good storage in the rear and the split seats really help.

  37. I love red cars, my car is red too and it gives you a feeling of freedom, doesn’t it? I really liked this car, cute and has more room then I would of thought!

  38. I’ve heard great things about Kias and they are really great looking cars! It looks like it has great storage even though it’s a tiny car!

  39. I drove a Kia for years and absolutely loved it! This looks like a great little car!

  40. That looks like the cutest little car, I love the look. We have had two Kias, loved them both.

  41. Wow! That looks awesome! Looks like they’ve added some upgrades since I last drove one!

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