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Bark Week on @HubTVNetwork

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We’re all heard of Shark Week, that terrifying but too cool to look away programming special happening on Discovery Channel this week. How about something a little tamer, something a little furry. How about Bark Week from our friends at Hub Network. Bark Week on @HubTVNetwork

Bark Week is a weeklong schedule of family favorite programming featuring our hairy and furry friends, the dogs. As a dog loving home this is something we can get on board with. Hub Network will be showcasing 4 popular series from Animal Planet; America’s Cutest, It’s Me or the Dog, Bad Dog and Too Cute.

If you’ve never seen Too Cute you’re missing out.

Bark Week is all about having a great line up of family friendly programming that actually brings the family together. My kids and I can often be found huddled around my phone watching cat and dog videos. There is something about them that is addicting.

Hub Club MemberBark Week kicks off Sunday August 17th and runs till August 22nd with presentations such as 101 Dalmatians, Scooby Doo & Snow Buddies just a name a few. Check your local listing for complete times and schedules.

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  1. How fun is that? I’m not really into sharks, so this is more up my alley.

  2. Haha! Too cute! I am more of a shark week person though!

  3. So adorable! This is 1000x better than Shark Week, and kid friendly!

  4. Oh how fun! My 7 year old comes home on the 15th and I am going to LOVE sharing those movies with her 🙂

  5. Oooh right up my alley, I love doggies! I’m not sure what Hub Network is though…is that on cable?

  6. Angela S says:

    Oh, I love this idea! Puppies are way cuter than sharks!

  7. I’ve never heard of Hub TV. We love sharks here but puppies are pretty cool too!

  8. O.M.G. “Bark week” GAHHH! The adorableness! Our dog-lovin’ family, particularly the toddler, will LOVE this!!

  9. Oh my heavens, I have GOT to watch this! Forget my boys, who would love it, too, but this is more my speed than Shark Week! lol

  10. So I’ve heard of shark week, but not bark week. The latter sounds much more appealing to me.

  11. Can’t wait for this!

  12. Ha! I know what my six-year-old is gonna want to watch …. way, way, way, WAY better option to Shark Week for me!

  13. My son LOVES too cute! He started by watching the kitten ones because he is afraid of dogs. What’s crazy is that he started watching the dog ones, and now when he sees a dog out in public, he doesn’t get really scared any more. He just tells me what breed it is…

  14. We’re huge “Too Cute” fans around here. One of Gaby’s favorite things to do, outside of You-tubing snow and skateboard videos is watching puppy and kitten videos! Bark Week sounds like a lot of fun!

  15. Cute!!! Now I kinda wish we had cable lol

  16. I’m missing out on all the good animal programming this week! We only have Netflix and Amazon Instant so we don’t get to see the sharks or pups!

  17. While I totally love Shark Week, I MUST search out this bark week because man my obsession with dogs is ridiculous.

  18. Sharks are my son’s kind of thing. As for me, I love pups!

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