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Jamberry Nails Manicure

I don’t do much for myself in terms of beauty and glamour these days. This summer has been busy and we’ve been spending alot of time at the pool, on vacation, at the beach and enjoying other activities. This leaves little time for plucking, waxing, steaming, scrubbing and moisturizing. BUT I did finally get a chance to try out Jamberry Nails.

My nails are my nemesis. They grow unevenly and wide and then I pick at my cuticles and skin and used to bit my nails. I’m happy to say I’ve stopped biting my nails for about 3 months. I rewarded myself with a mini home manicure and Jamberry wraps for my nails.

My Jamberry Consultant is Jenna Urban and she rocks. I told her my preferences and dislikes when it comes to nail art and she sent me a sheet of Kiss Me Ombre for me and a sheet of Stars and Peace Signs for Shae. I also got a sheet of a variety of designs which I like for accent nails.Jamberry Nails Manicure Review

There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to application. It took me almost 10 minutes to get my first nail on, in place and filed down. The rest of my nails took about an hour.

For the next few days I had to keep using a blow-dryer and flat iron to re-adhere the ends of the nail wrap. I take some blame because I don’t think i filed them all correctly.

I did love the look of the Jamberry Nail Wraps. I didn’t have to worry about nicks and chipping and could have a pretty shiny design without multiple layers of polish.Jamberry Nails Manicure Review

I did Shae’s nails a few days later and had much better success. Her manicure lasted 2 weeks and through our cruise.Jamberry Nails Manicure Review

I love the idea of Jamberry nail Wraps and the low maintenance idea of a 2-3 week manicure. Watching tutorials and getting advice from my Jamberry rep I see there are many tips and tricks to getting a perfect application.

I have enough wraps to do another application or two or even mix it up with some regular nail color. I will be playing some more with Jamberry Nail Wraps.

If you’re interested in trying them out for yourself visit Jenna Urban online for the entire Jamberry collection and to find out about the new Jamberry StyleBox.

Jamberry style box