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Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

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When particular holidays and seasons creep up it gets my creative mind going. Halloween is one of them. I love everything about things that are fun scary not gruesome scary. Sugar skulls are part of the Day of the Dead celebration in the Latin American and Mexican culture where family and friends show remembrance for those that have passed away. Day of the Dead (dias de los muertos) is a joyous festivity with music, parades, flowers and even gifts left on burial plots starting on November 1st. In honor of this day I created these Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers.

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

While we don’t celebrate Dia de los Muertos I’m in love with the creativity, color and vibrancy of the sugar skull. Sugar Skulls are nothing to be feared. They are part of the celebration, a gift for both the living and the dead.

These sugar skulls are just as colorful but on a much small scale. These pencil toppers were made to give to Shae’s class for their fall party along with some more neutral pumpkins and ghosts. Making them was a bit tedious. The first one alone tool almost 2 hours as it was my guinea pig. The rest of them took less than an hour each and I see it going faster and faster as I make more.

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft


Felt, various colors
thread, various colors
buttons, sequins, beads
fabric glue
cotton balls
scissors, I suggest small sharp fabric scissors
cardstock cutout of skull shapes if your free hand isn’t up to par (mine isn’t)


Using your skull cut outs trace a front and back of your skull shape.
Determine the shapes and embellishments you want on it’s face. Place them to make sure everything fits.
Using a tiny touch of fabric glue tack on your features where you want them. This keeps them from sliding or falling while you sew.
With a basic needle and thread (color of choice) stitch your pieces on your skull face. Skip stitching on some or all of your pieces and just use glue if you prefer.
When your sugar skull face is complete add the back to your topper and stitch the pieces together leaving a small opening on the bottom. I like the look of the whipstitch but it would be find to use a running stitch too.
Stuff a fluffy 1/2 cotton ball into the skull with a touch of glue then slide in the pencil with another touch of glue.
Set aside to dry.

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft
A jar full of these is an adorable centerpiece for a party or even on a desk for the Halloween season. Watch them disappear as their happy smiling faces quickly draw people in.
This isn’t necessarily a child’s crafts but can be modified to include children by precutting shapes and using glue instead of a needle and thread.
Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craftm

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  1. What a cute idea! They look pretty simple to make too.

  2. These would be great for our food allergy friendly trunk or treats this year. Perfect for all of the kids and no worries.

  3. These are really cute and a GREAT alternative to sugary, calorie-filled “treats.” I can’t wait for Gidget to get home from school so I can show her this.

  4. I heart these so much! I might have my son try making them, he wants to sew so this would be a good starter.

  5. My daughter would loves these!! Great way to get them not to bite the pencil ends.

  6. Those are perfect! My kids are celebrating Dia de Los Muertos with a group they articulate in, and this would be a cute craft for them to make.

  7. Angela S says

    I am so loving this project! Lucky me… I have tons of scrap felt. I think we’ll be making some pencil toppers for Halloween.

  8. These are so adorable! When your done with them as a pencil top they’d make a great appliqu√© on a tshirt!

  9. That’s a cool and fun way to make even the mundane things around the house look awesome!

  10. I love candy alternatives and these are super cute and I think my little one could make a few with a little help.

  11. Those are so stinking cute!!! Love Dia de los Muertos! And the simplicity of them is even better when you don’t have a lot of time in your schedule.

  12. These are so adorable!! Great to pass out for Halloween parties.

  13. These are so cute! I love how easy they are to make, too. Great!

  14. These are adorable! Im sure great for little goodie bags for the kids classes.

  15. Now that is the cutest craft ever…love it!

  16. I love those! Pinning for sure!

  17. Felt is pretty much my favorite craft supply ever. These are so cute and look really easy to make!

  18. Thanks for sharing the culture behind the skull craft. I was not familiar with it and I love learning more of others culture. Thank you for sharing with us at the Home Matters Linky!

  19. Amanda Love says

    These are really neat! My boys especially would love these and they are so perfect for Halloween.

  20. I love these! They look great! I am so making some!

  21. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    They’re very cute! I’m curious, would the pieces hold together with a good glue so the needle and thread wasn’t needed?

    • YES. the pink one in the background was done with glue. I suggest investing in a fabric glue and NOT using school or krazy glue especially with kids. they don’t tend to dry correctly or seep through the felt. Fabric glue is tacky and will hold in place even as it dries.

  22. So cute! I love this fun idea. My kids and I will have fun making these sugar skull pencil toppers!

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