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Toyota Teen Driving Safety Clinic #TeenDrive365

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Teen Driving Safety Clinic with Toyota #TeenDrive365 #distracteddrivingHaving one of my children of legal driving age scares the crap out of me. Everytime she gets in the car I worry. I know she’s cautious and has hopefully been following our rules for the last 2 years but that doesn’t lessen the anxiety I have that one day she’s gonna call to say there’s been an accident. Signing up for the Toyota Teen Driving Clinic this weekend will help ease my mind and give Sabreena some new perspective into safe and defensive driving.Teen Driving Safety Clinic with Toyota #TeenDrive365 #distracteddriving

The Toyota Teen Driving Safety Clinic is open to teens and their parents at participating Toyota dealerships in the New Jersey and New York areas. Teens and their families will learn about vehicle dynamics and safety features, defensive driving, distracted driving and the importance of vehicle maintenance. This non-driving program offers parents and teens an opportunity to learn safe driving tips by professional instructors in a non-sales environment. Find a location near you to register.

The FREE 2.5 hour clinic will cover basic car maintenance, safety features, avoiding driving distractions and other topics that drivers encounter each day.

I have very high expectations for Sabreena during this experience. She’s not a new driver but still a young driver. I believe any help and education she can take in can only be a good thing. Kids are given driver’s licenses to easily these days, without much training or real world experience. Distracted driving accounted for  an estimated 421,000 injured individuals in motor vehicle crashes in 2012 (Distraction.gov). I don’t want Sabreena or another family to be part of those statistics.Teen Driving Safety Clinic woth Toyota #TeenDrive365 #distracteddriving

I want to be a part of creating the next generation of drivers. Drivers that are aware of the world around them not just what’s happening in the car. I took the pledge to be a better example behind the wheel. I pledge to be a better driver by being a safer driver. My families safety is priority number one.




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  1. My 17 year old step-son just got his licence and it’s scary that those kids are out there on the roads. This sounds like an awesome clinic.

  2. I hope this comes to my area in Wisconsin. This would be perfect for Caleb – he will be driving in two years!

  3. That’s such a wild fact about text messaging! I would have never guessed.

  4. Kiddo is only 9 so I have a while before she starts driving. I am sure so many things will be different with cars and cell phones by then.

  5. I agree with Pam ^^. That statistic is NUTS!! I would have never guessed that much. I know teens do check their phones more often, but sheesh!! I’m one of the safe drivers, I feel like anyway. I never talk or text while I’m driving. Occasionally, if my phone rings – I’ll turn it on and just yell, “I’m driving, bye!” and don’t even know who I just spoke to, lol.

  6. the teen clinic is such a great idea. I so needed that when I was a teen

  7. This looks like a great workshop. Fingers crossed they come to Michigan.

  8. Am I too old to take that workshop?!?! I need to know more than I do!

  9. Whew, if that’s true my daughter texts a LOT. 😉 All kidding aside (and she does text a lot), safety while driving is paramount, and even though she’s not driving yet, she knows how serious I feel about not texting and driving, or reading texts and driving, EVER.

  10. I love this statement: ‘I want to be a part of creating the next generation of drivers.’ The truth is, we ARE creating the next generation of drivers, and I love programs like this that strive for the safest possible drivers.

  11. I love this safety workshop. Even the most responsible kid will do something dumb in their life. This could help make sure that dumb moment doesn’t involve a car crash.

  12. This is such a great thing to do for teen drivers. Driving is hard enough for experienced adults. It’s only that much more tough for young drivers.

  13. I love this. My daughter was a very good beginning driver, but I still would have sent her to a workshop like this.

  14. I absolutely love this idea. A local hospital does something similar for teens and I will definitely been enrolling my kids when they are old enough.

  15. I love that Toyota is having these clinics! Teen driving safety is such an important topic!

  16. This sounds really great. I think often about the examples we are setting for our children in the car. Man, it scares me these days!

  17. That is a crazy scary statistic. I am glad I have at least 5 or 6 years before my kids start driving.

  18. I feel like kids have it a lot harder than we did. Our biggest distraction was a great song on the radio or a cute boy in the next car over – NOT a phone!

  19. So scary! I read that you go the length of 2 football fields when texting and driving! SCARY!

  20. The texting statistic scares me! I am not looking forward to my kids driving. Luckily, I’ve got a long while.

  21. That’s a scary thought! I love the idea of this clinic and keeping our teens safe on the road

  22. It’s great for young adults to learn the basics of safe driving before they take the wheel! (Some adults could certainly use a ‘refresher’ themselves! LOL) 🙂

  23. This looks like such an important clinic i hope it is available when my son drives in a couple of years.

  24. Way to go. This sounds like a pledge that I need to take as well.I have a while to go yet until my child starts driving, but it’s never to early. This sounds like a very useful clinic.

  25. Ronni says:

    My daughter is 23 and II’d love to send her to this! She makes me crazy the way she drives.

  26. Such a great idea for teens to do! The stats are scary, right?

  27. Sounds like a great clinic for the teen driver. I don’t have drivers yet but I would love to send them to something like this when they do start driving.

  28. That ought to give teen parents piece of mind. I can’t wait to get my daughter a safe car. She is a pretty conscientious driver now. Looks like a great way to teach safety to teens

  29. I will be at this stage very soon. And in need of all the safety tips I can get!

  30. I love they are offering this. It is so so important. My daughter has been driving for two years now and I think she still needs reminders.

  31. I would definitely take advantage of the free service to teach teens how to properly care for their cars. Too bad it isn’t how here.

  32. This morning a teenager died because they went the wrong way on an on-ramp and hit someone straight on. Its absolutely heart breaking.

  33. That is so awesome that Toyota would offer a program like this. Sounds like a valuable tool.

  34. I really think all new drivers should be required to take a drivers ed course before they can have a licence. Both of my kids went threw Drivers ed and i can relax a little more when they are out with the car knowing they have had good training.

  35. This is a great idea. My son just turned one so I have a ways to go before he is driving (thank GOD), but I’ll have to keep this in mind for the future. I’m sure I’m going to be such a mess when the time comes.

  36. I’m so scared for this time to come. Luckily I have a bit to wait so that helps but it’s still scary. This is a great idea! Wonderful they have this program!

  37. This sounds great. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about driving but I hope things like this are around when I have kids and they’re learning to drive.

  38. My niece just got a BMW for her 16th birthday. I’m going to share this with my sister, thanks for letting me know about it!

  39. such a great outreach for young drivers, maybe not just teen drivers but beginning drivers as well .

  40. This is great! SO important that they learn safety! Too many accidents! Way to go Toyota!

  41. It’s so important to teach kids from the moment they start driving. Great tips!!

  42. wow, as a mom of a 16 yr old this December this is AWESOME! I’m already worried and he hasn’t even started yet! thanks so much for sharing!

  43. My kids are still very young but the idea of them behind the wheel scares me. I hope there is a program like this when they start driving.

  44. As a mom of 3 kids, this teen driver clinic should be mandatory for all new drivers, young & old! 🙂

  45. This is a great idea to teach young people. Awesome.

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