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Halloween Costumes from One Step Ahead

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Deciding on what to be for Halloween can be a very daunting task for kids. There are so many costume options out there. Royalty, Superheroes, cartoon characters, mythical creatures and even the classics like clowns and fireman make appearances each year on our neighborhood. This year Shae’s decision was quick. She chose Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz from One Step Ahead.Halloween Costumes with One Step Ahead

The catalog arrived and while she’s outgrown most of the costumes and gear already she zeroed in on the one that would still work for her.

Dorothy and Toto (in a basket) arrived and the costume was instantly put on. In fact it was worn all weekend. Shae’s been trying to figure out how to get her hair in braids too.

Dorothy Halloween Costume from One Step Ahead


One Step Ahead has a wide selection of costumes and accessories of all kinds for kids of all ages. Find not just your child’s must have costume but also grab a great treat bag that is just theirs for many years to come. These treat bags are plush, sturdy and festive for a fun Halloween season. They’ll look forward to their bag every year even when the costumes changes.Halloween Costumes and Treat Bags with One Step Ahead

Enter to win a treat bag for your child (personalization not available) from One Step Ahead. Let me know what costume you think your child would pick from the selection above.

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  1. Kristen says

    Maybe the dinosaur.

  2. Kristen says
  3. Masshole mommy says

    One of mine is going to be Luigi and the other is going to be a Pokemon character.

  4. So cute! I LOVE that little baby peacock! LOL

  5. Monica says

    The time of year is so much fun! I love seeing all of the kiddos dressed up. It looks like your Dorothy is thrilled and look at that cute basket!

  6. That costume could be worn as a regular dress as well! It is really pretty and I love the ruby slippers and of course Toto in his basket!

  7. Aww Dorothy, my daughter was that a few years back. This year we have an Elsa, Power Ranger and Policeman.

  8. She is a great Dorothy, and I love the little Toto in the basket!! Very cute, outfit, and it sounds like a great place to shop!

  9. I went as Dorothy when I was a kid, too! I am loving that baby peacock. So adorable and the colors are amazing.

  10. I love the peacock costume.

  11. Very cute! My mother in law still makes my kids’ costumes each year, but they like to dress up so much I may pick some out just for playtime throughout the year.

  12. My daughter was dorothy last year, it is such a timeless costume.

    The spider web baby costume just gets me though, I love it!

  13. Jennifer Tilson says

    My son would pick the dragon costume.

  14. Jennifer Tilson says

    I’m an e-mail subscriber.

  15. Ohmygoodness that little peacock in the first picture is ADORABLE. I have to find someone with a baby for that – too too too cute!!!

  16. My daughter wore the exact same costume a couple of years ago – I loved it! We need to start our shopping soon!

  17. I’m so not a fan of spiders, but that little baby spider costume is pretty darn cute.

  18. Such cute costumes, I think the dragon is especially adorable!

  19. I love the little poodle skirt outfit. So adorable.

  20. She makes one very pretty Dorothy!

  21. My step daughter’s son would love the Kids NFL Player Costume with Helmet

  22. I LOVE that peacock outfit! Too bad I don’t have a baby to dress (or kid that would wear it!)!

  23. Spencer would pick the bones/skeleton costumes because he’s into that right now. However can I just say that OMG I WANT A PEACOCK BABY!!!


  24. Those are all so cute! I love the toto!!

  25. That’s the exact costume my daughter had last year. She loved being Dorothy.

  26. Stinking adorable!!! I love it so much!

  27. OH my! These are so cute. Love little Dorothy!

  28. Those are so cute! I actually bought Sawyer that Robot one last year! He looked so cute! Your daughter makes an adorable Dorothy!

  29. I love your little Dorothy! So precious! That little poodle dress is adorable as well 🙂

  30. I think the orange witch would be cute on a girl. I have a boy so I’d have to get something warm but since I live in the desert with 100′ heat not too warm. Great selection there.

  31. My daughter would love the Dorothy costume!

  32. Jr Physician!

  33. That is one of the cutest costumes I’ve seen in a long time. I totally love it!

  34. wendy rozema says

    THe poodle skirt one! SO cute!!