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Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

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When you give a child a smartphone the opportunities for fun are endless.  Gaming may be your first thought but my kids take it step beyond that. With my kid’s wild imaginations it was just a matter of time before they figured out a way to create new fun.

Shae has developed a beginning passion for film making, acting and looking into stop motion.  We’ve been downloading apps to create comic strips, short films and photo shoots. The choices are endless in the App Store. While I prefer to shop for free apps especially before knowing what I’m getting into I’m open to spending a couple bucks to ensure the kids are having a great time.

I know that they are using a device but I consider this playtime unplugged.  They are not sitting in front of screen mesmerized, or holding a controller killing fake bad guys or sleeping.  These kinds of apps get them moving, knocking on their friends doors and thinking of storylines and scenarios that make them laugh and smile.

MomentCam– creates cartoons and GIFs from photos. Includes backgrounds, stickers and words.   Not young kid-friendly as there are some inappropriate words on stickers/speech bubbles.  Free

MomentApp, Shae sitting on the moon cartoon #VZWBuzz Apps for Creative Kids

CamStar-your very own mobile photo booth.The Initial download is free with the option to pay $2.99 for FULL version that includes effects and filters.Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

FriendStrip Kids Pro-an  easy to use comic strip maker loaded with ideas and scenery already. Kids just pose and click to be put right in the story.  Initial download is free with the option to download ALL the collections for $1.99.  Each collection (9) are $.99 when downloaded separately.Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

Mirror Effect-gives photos a mirror reflection.  Crop a tree, house, pet or flowers and the app creates the effect of it sitting on water, ripples included.  It’s riddled with ads but the full version is just $.99.Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

PicPlayPost-remember the Brady Bunch squares, this app lets the user create a frame with a combonation of stills and videos that can be played sequentially or simultaneously.  Free initially and $2.99 to upgrade

(still working on the video portion)

The bad thing we are dealing with right now is Shae lost her iPod touch.  It’s time to save up for a new one so her summer isn’t wasted with all her great ideas brewing in her brain.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I betcha that my kids would love the FriendStrip Kids Pro app! I will have to download it for them 🙂

  2. I’m sure my kids would love to give our dog a fancy photo shoot with CamStar. Your pup is so cute!

  3. These are wonderful apps. It’s so important to use technology to encourage creativity and learning in our kids rather than just have them play games all the time.

  4. What fun apps! I love the mirror effect one. It looks pretty cool.

  5. Oh wow these are some really cool-sounding apps! I’ll have to check them out for my kids!

  6. These look and sound like some really cool apps! I’ll have to check them out for my kids!

  7. Good to know! Especially since my son is now allowed to use his phone a little bit. And we have Verizon service!

  8. Carly Brydon says:

    There’s so many fun apps out there! These creativity ones will help keep my daughter busy this summer! Thanks for sharing.

  9. My children definitely enjoy getting creative but do not have smart phones yet. I will have to see which of these are tablet friendly so they can have some fun.

  10. Debbie Denny says:

    These really look like fun apps. Kids and adults will like it.

  11. My kids love being creative and I’m pretty sure an app would be just up their alley! How fun!

  12. Always love great new apps! My kids will definitely love your list and I see a few I like too!

  13. These sound like great apps. I am going to have to get some for my daughter to fight off summer boredom when we are doing some traveling in the car.

  14. Kristi says:

    Some fun app suggestions. Our girls love to find apps and with summer here they have a bit more time to enjoy the fun apps.

  15. That Mirror Effect app looks really cool! Encouraging creativity among kids is always important.

  16. I like that CamStar! I have two teen daughters, so there are a lot of pictures taken here.

  17. It’s great that there’s so many apps for kids to use to exercise their creativity muscles!

  18. What great apps! I’m always looking for new apps for my kiddos!

  19. shelly peterson says:

    These look like some great apps! My son would really enjoy the FriendStrip Kids Pro app.

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