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Summer Vacation Plans

Summer is upon us which means the kids are finally out of school and now is the perfect time for summer vacations.  We are doing a few short trips this summer like the beach and Upstate New York but a dream of mine is to travel overseas to Europe and visit Rome.

I have wanted to visit Italy as well as Germany for as long as I can remember.  I am not 100% sure why Melinda and I haven’t made the journey yet but I am hoping one day we will get a chance to go.  I would love to see the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum.  I hear that Rome is so beautiful and the views are absolutely amazing.  I think if Melinda and I went to Italy I might eat myself to death, LOL.

Traveling is one of those things I would love to do but the thought of packing and flying more that 6 hrs sometimes deters me from ever wanting to travel.  I know if we traveled overseas to Europe it would by far be the best vacation that we have ever been on and I know one day we will get there it just might be a few more years before that happens.

Don’t get me wrong I love going to Ocean City, NJ and chilling on the beach then cruising the boardwalk and eating snacks the entire time but the thought of a vacation to Europe sounds really awesome!!!!!

Have you ever been to Rome? If so what spots are a must see?