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Make it Retro Cocktail Party for the Holidays

Getting together for the holidays is important.  It helps reconnect good friends, build family relationships and allows everyone some much needed fun and smiles. These gatherings can be a stress inducer though. The planning, the shopping, the lists, the decorating, the cooking; it’s a lot happening in a very short period of time.

You have options though. There are so many ways to reduce the stress of the holidays.  Simple tricks such as one-stop shopping and taking shortcuts to save time. One of the best ideas is to create a theme for your get together so you can focus on a select few items that don’t involve a caterer, florist and valet. A Retro Cocktail Hour is a perfect idea to keep the mingling going and the hosts out of the kitchen.

With a glam-fab cocktail party you’ll be able to use those gorgeous glasses you never use, light every candle you have in the house and cover your tables with beads and indulgent fabrics you haven’t been able to use with your regular parties.  Think up great drink ideas or use this Holiday Egg Nog to keep things festive.
Holiday Egg Nog from Bjs Wholesale
One-Stop Shopping
Shop where you can get everything you need within the same walls.  Grab your wrapping paper, gifts, groceries, tableware and decorations from your favorite superstore.  Check everyone off your list plus style that mantle and fill the fridge all in one cart.
Take Shortcuts
Save time in the kitchen with easy shortcuts like pre-assembled veggie trays and premade dips, tapas and canapes.  Stock up on tasty easy to serve finger foods and appetizers and don’t forget your friend’s favorite libations. Utilize your favorite super store’s recipe ideas to grab everything you need in one trip with no fuss. Don’t forget ambiance. Music, lighting and simple decor and centerpieces don’t need to take a lot of work.Retro Cocktail Party
Retro Holiday Cookies
Just because you are making your life simple doesn’t mean your party is going to suffer. Spruce up that veggie tray with the addition of a antipasta tray.  Your cheese and crackers will be decadent with some grapes, figs, assorted cheeses and honey. Take everything up a notch while still making it easy on yourself.
Retro Holiday party stuffed dates
The ideas are endless even when you think you are running out of time.  We shopped for Christmas Dinner and finished our gift lifts this weekend at BJ’s Wholesale.  It’s usually our shop in bulk store for chocolate chips, large jars of peanut butter and great prices on books but walking through the aisles we’ve found so much more.

Whether it’s a Christmas Eve gathering or a New Years Eve celebration keep the event easy going with simple tips and ideas from BJ’s Wholesale Club that allow you to enjoy yourself and your guests. The holidays don’t have to be hard work, it’s family and friends that matter the most.

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