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Things To Consider When Choosing Wedding Flowers

Getting married is definitely one of the most important moments in the life of the couple. However, this event needs to be properly planned. There are various things that will have to be considered and many things can go wrong. When referring to flower delivery though, the biggest problem that couples have to deal with is choosing what to buy. There are countless options available so what will be the best for your wedding? Do you want fresh flowers, or perhaps artificial flowers, a mixture of both? You will surely look for inspiration on the internet but before you do that, think about the following vital aspects.

Flower budget

You should never be ashamed in the event the budget is small. The florist is going to offer various suggestions based on how much money you have available. He will make sure that the flowers for wedding chosen are based on your personal wishes and available money

Wedding Party Size

This is going to have a huge impact on how many flowers you will need. It does influence the budget and the eventual arrangement. When you invite just friends and family, there is a good possibility you will not need many flowers. However, if the event is large, you will most likely need more flowers than what you initially thought.

Wedding Location

You want to check different floral arrangement patterns that are available at the ceremony’s location. The wedding venue location will surely dictate what is possible and what is not possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
-If you’re having your ceremony at a park or other natural setting, stick with low-maintenance flowers like daisies or roses.
-If you’re having your reception at a hotel or Cottage Wedding Venue like, choose flowers that will look good in a vase on a desk or sideboard.
-If you’re getting married at home, go for something organic and wild, like bee balm or forget-me-nots.

Color scheme will have a drastic effect on what flowers should be considered and what flowers should be avoided. You want to experiment with various different flowers with different colors so that you can find a perfect combination you can easily use to obtain the effect you were looking for.

Wedding Mood

Wedding flowers have to reflect wedding style and color while also setting mood. You want to think about the message you want to send out and the mood that should be dominant in the whole event.


Obviously, based on season, some flowers will be available while others will be really hard to find. If the flowers are out of season, you will need to spend a lot more money on them so you may want to look for some alternatives. However, make sure that you take subjectivity into account. If the bride or the groom wants a specific flower that is out of season, you can get it. Alternatively, if the budget really does not allow this, go for silk arrangements.


You always need to think about how the flowers will add to the entire event through the fragrance they have. In some cases this will not be of interest, as when the event is held outdoors. However, in some cases it is vital, as when the wedding is held indoors in a small area. At the same time, the fragrance has to be really enjoyable for all that will attend, of course.