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Woof! A Happy Pet Family Awaits You

In the imagination of many, there is no happy family without a pet. And it’s no wonder that families crave for a pet: How could one not feel warm inside when you have a friend who is always happy to see you. Pictures of loving dogs and cats playing with their owners have slowly taken over the Internet browsing of any future pet owner. There’s a reason for that: Pets are the guarantee of a smile! If you too are considering adopting a pet, there are a few things that you need to know in advance to keep your cool. Here is a breakdown of the things that will make you laugh as you adopt a pet.

Take It With Humor

Don’t we all dream of a pet that quietly sleeps by your side and keep your warm during winter nights, or comforts you when you are upset? Pets can be all that and much more!  But sometimes they can be a little clumsy too. While it’s part of their charm, you need to know that you can’t leave your pet untrained, as dogs and cats are famous for leaving a path of destruction behind them. Nothing is left untouched from your favorite shoes to the leather couch in the living room! If you have made your research, you will have found out that most pet owners take it with humor and even share their experience online. So join millions of pet owners in taking all pet-related accidents in the house with a smile.  

The Vet Is Your Best Friend

First-time dog-owners will tell you about the time Fido put his nose into an ant nest, for example, or when the neighbor’s cat caught a bee in its mouth. You will soon discover that accidents happen, and that they are part of your new life with a pet. Take it easy, you’ll get better with time and you will know how to recognize potentially risky situations before a drama occurs. In the meantime, make friend with your local vet! Additionally, pets also require specific treatments and medications to protect their health, such as for example trifexis for dogs which avoid the formation of heartworm-related diseases. Giving a specific treatment to your pet can be quite challenging: Some hide medical tablets in a generous bowl of food, others try to open their pet’s mouth with their own fingers, finally some even ask neighbors to help. But in the end, they all laugh about that time when the family pet simply wouldn’t have it. You will too!


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When Responsibility Becomes Fun

Having a pet means caring for it, and consequently, this means that you will have a number of responsibilities. But not everything has to be dull. Taking your dog for a walk, for example, can be a great bonding experience and a rendez-vous that your dog will be looking forward to daily. Additionally, you will soon discover that some pets love nothing more than rolling on the ground. On rainy days, you will find a giant ball of mud on four legs, so be prepared for it. You can train your dog to be washed with specific dog shampoo. There are also cat shampoos available on the market for cat owners, but very few cats will accept to be wet! Thankfully for dog owners, most dogs like water so as long as you are careful not to put any foam in their eyes, it will be a nice and comfortable experience for the both of you.


Washing a dog by Flickr