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Helping Your Guy Achieve His Fitness Goals

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We’re already a few months into the year, and by now, many are realizing that sticking to fitness resolutions can be a tough challenge to tackle. If your guy has been struggling with his weight and fitness goals, and you’re looking for ways to help him improve his health in 2017, you may have found it can be an uphill battle. When your guy expresses an interest in working on his fitness, it’s important to stand by his side and provide the essential support he needs to accomplish his goals.

Commit to an Exercise Regimen

The first week back at the gym he’ll likely be rearing to go, but it’s that second and third week where it can get tough to find the motivation. If you want your fella to increase his physical activity, it’s important that you make the effort to join him in this endeavor. Ask him to take a walk with you after dinner, plan weekend trips to local hiking trails, and focus on cooking healthy dinners together for date night—instead of heading out to the restaurant every time. You can’t expect him to adhere to lifestyle habits that you don’t follow yourself. Making a joint effort to improve your health as a couple can leave you happier and looking better than ever before—right in time for summer.

A Little Healthy Competition

Play to human nature and motivate your guy through some healthy competition. If he’s got a competitive streak, make it work in his favor. Encourage him to join local intramural leagues that can give him an extra boost of social time, and a reason to incorporate activity in his daily routine for more than weight loss and fitness purposes. Sports are, in a single word, fun. Making fitness an enjoyable part of his day is essential, and a gentle nudge to sign up could make all the difference.

The Necessary Gear

Make sure he’s prepared to get his sweat on at the gym or on the track with the right gear. It’s amazing how much a new workout shirt or pair of shorts can inspire an extra run or workout. If he’s already made a significant change in his physically appearance, new clothes could help him better see the changes in his physique. If he’s an outdoorsy type and has a newfound passion in mountain biking or hiking, be sure you purchase gear that can withstand the elements. It might mean a new sports watch or active rain jacket that ensures he can get out there and stay active even during a torrential downpour. Consider the items and gear options that will most encourage him and prove to be the most useful.

Positive Reinforcement

Most people respond to positive enforcement and reward systems better than criticism, so when you see him making an effort and creating change for himself, be sure you notice his efforts. Even small comments can make his day and spur him on in his fitness journey. A simple comment on how great he looks in his workout clothes, or a squeeze of his newly pumped bicep seem like insignificant gestures, but they can go a long way.

A Change in Diet

You’ll often hear that making a change in your fitness is an 80/20 balance: 80 percent diet, and 20 percent exercise. While his frequent trips to the gym are an essential part of fitness, don’t let him believe that he can still eat terribly and expect to see results. Changing your diet can be a major lifestyle overhaul, and he’s best poised to succeed if he does it in tandem with a partner. Make the commitment to incorporate healthier food options into your diet. If you live together, focus on only buying healthy snacks—if the Doritos aren’t in the cabinet, he won’t be eating any. If he’s often in charge of cooking your meals, suggest recipes that use healthy ingredients. Making a cognizant effort as a couple to curb bad eating habits can benefit you both.

Helping your guy achieve his fitness goals is possible through a few simple habit changes and strategies. Keep these options in mind and make his 2017 resolutions successful.

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