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What all to Make for your Kid’s Playdate

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Kids playdate

Food is an important aspect of any playdate. As a parent you have to make sure that your kids don’t go hungry while they are mingling with their friends. Because they won’t be able to make good friends on an empty stomach. So we bring to you a list of items that you could make to make the date a little more interesting. Bake away my dear readers, bake away.

  • Chocolate hazelnut cookies

Who doesn’t like cookies? You could also include your kids and your neighbors kids in the process of baking. Baking is a stress reliever. Let the kids roll out the cookies into their favourite shapes. Garnish with deliciously hot chocolate syrup.

  • Banana cake

Banana can be a healthy source of nutrition and energy for your growing kids. They need the right nutrition to give their best. Take mashed bananas, butter, vanilla and eggs to bake a delicious, sweet, healthy dessert to light up their day.

  • Black forest brownies

Another chocolate extravaganza that will accelerate the level of excitement among the kids. Ooh! Yeah! Pair it with some fruits like kiwi or cherry to give it a healthy twist.

  • Candy biscuits

Kids should have something to munch on so that their tummies are full and their attention is focused on having a joyous day. Hunger shouldn’t come in the way of fun. Candy biscuits are the the solution to all your problems.

  • Garlic bread

Now it is not necessary that every kid has a sweet tooth. To satiate the needs of everyone present you need to include salty savories to your menu of your kid’s playdate. Garlic breads are easy to make and tasty to eat.

  • Nachos

Nachos is an healthy snacking option because it is made of corn flour.Healthy nachos can be turned even healthier and tasty by making a salad by adding leafy green lettuce, luscious sweet corns and broccoli. This could be a way through which you can add some veggies to your kid’s daily diet.

  • Pasta

You all of heard and eaten the yummy red and white pasta. But have you ever tried mixing them? No. Mix the red sauce pasta and the white sauce pasta and add some healthy, sauteed veggies. Sprinkle it with some fresh basil and oregano to get the best ever pasta that you would have tried.

  • Strawberry smoothie

Include this deliciously fresh and healthy beverage to your kid’s diet to quench their thirst.

Choose from any of the above mentioned sweets and snacks to organize a wonderful playdate for your kids.

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