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How to Throw the Best Birthday Party for Your Kid

Kids birthday party

Throwing the most perfect birthday party for your kid can be a pretty tough job, especially because kids have very high expectations. In fact, the birthday party becomes nothing less than a wedding! It is a big affair.

Honestly, kids will get along with whatever you put on for them, as long as you are showering them with enough attention, something more than the usual, because it is their special day, and they want all the attention in the house. A party planner may arrange everything for an outdoor birthday picnic party of your choice. You can choose a venue that is convenient for the party based on your budget and the expected number of guests. Even a surprise birthday celebration for your child might be organized by a party planner.

  • The first thing is to send out invitations. You and your kids can sit down and make handmade invitations for other kids. This provides you with some quality, fun time with your children and these are the little things that they remember while growing up.
  • Don’t invite everyone at the same time. You can have two different parties – one only for the kids and the other for all the family members. This is usually because, grownups don’t want to run around the whole time, just want to have food and sit down to talk. On the other hand, the kids don’t want the activities to stop, even for a second. So, have separate timings to avoid conflict and chaos.
  • Make sure all the gifts are opened only after all guests have left. You could even ask your child to write little THANKYOU notes for all the guests who came to the party.
  • You could bake a tray of small cupcakes or muffins and have all the kids decorate their muffins using icing, cream cheese, sprinkles, sugar, choco-chips, etc.
  • Kids love it when they receive return gifts. You could buy crayons or colored chalk boxes. Don’t sweat on buying expensive t-shirts, because all the kids want are the goody bags, and they are so excited that they don’t really care about what is in those bags.
  • Some kids are very possessive about some of their special toys or books. So, a day before, you could talk to your child and keep those things in a safe place so that no one uses those things in the party.
  • Make sure you get loads of props – funny hats, goggles, stickers, masks, hand stamps, etc. Kids get excited when they see bright colors and fancy stuff.