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Why it is Important for Parents to Allows Their Kids to Indulge in Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra activities

(1) Not all children grow up to be engineers, scientists, doctors or lawyers. Some of them are made to explore culture, to sing, to dance, and as a parent it is your duty to ensure you child feels loved, whatever decision they make regarding their career. While grades and test scores seem to judge a student, but it is important for the parents to make the kid realize that his/her social life is equally important, if not more. There is small poem I would like everyone to read: Once upon a time there was a boy..A boy who could sing, a boy who could dance..Poems he could write, stories he could tell..

But what he didn’t know, he was a jar full of treasures, No one told him he could have dreams, that he could live his passions, he thought all he had to do was what others always made him, he assumed he had no choice but to be a part of the wheel..

Up above this world, the angels watched him The angels wanted him to realize his potential, *Sigh*
So one day, they came to see him in his sleep. Magic they did, created visions in the boy’s head..made him to see himself. Through his own loving eyes, and through the eyes of the million others,To see what they saw in him, And to come to realize what he was worth..And the next day when the boy woke up, he had a different spark..

So he do what he dreamed of. And after, the boy actually lived the life he was meant to have. So while the sun shines, make the hay, By putting your talents on display. You are responsible for the talents that are entrusted in you. Open your eyes, and see what you are blessed with..Make things happen..

(2) A student needs to learn how to balance studies with his/her hobbies. They need to know how to play football and study for AP Physics. Maybe the kid ends up getting through because of a football scholarship!

(3) It is known that supportive parents produce kids who are confident and self-aware. Parents often want their kids to do well academically, and it is only a natural expectation, but when kids fail to satisfy these expectations, they tend to get into a pressure situation.