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The Mistakes Every Traveler to Brazil Must Avoid

Traveler mistakes

You have your Brazil travel visa ready, booked the air ticket and made reservations for accommodation and all you are now waiting for is to get on the plane for a trip to one of the top tourist destinations in the world. You are excited about swimming in the crystal clear waters, enjoying the great Brazilian delicacies and even making a trip to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio.

In as much as it is good to have high expectations about your trip, you should also be aware of some of the things which might come in the way and ruin the experience for you. Some of these things may sound negligible, but since you will be interacting with a new culture, you can never tell the perception of the locals. If you want a superb trip and a pleasant experience in Brazil, here are some of the mistakes you have to avoid

Don’t be impatient

If you are a stickler for punctuality, then you may have a rough time in Brazil. In the Lateness way of life, you will encounter lots of queues almost everywhere, from supermarkets and ATMs and nobody seems to be in a hurry. Things move at a slow pace in Brazil and being impatient may make you lose your peace for something you don’t have any control over.

Insist on speaking Spanish


Language issue

A huge section of South America speaks Spanish, but you will be mistaken to think that this is also the language in Brazil. Brazilians speak Portuguese, and the two languages are very distinct from one another. It is a common mistake for most travelers to this country to attempt to speak Spanish thinking that they will be communicating with the locals. This is sad because it is not the right language and if you have zero knowledge of the local lingo, Brazilians are pretty good in English, or at least they try to mix the two, and you could easily converse with them in English if you do not know Portuguese.

Support Argentina


Support argentina

Of course, South America has some of the best football competitions and football teams in the world. When you are visiting the country, you should be aware of the fierce rivalry that exists in the region, and especially that between Argentina and Brazil. Those two don’t see eye to eye on matters football. If you have to declare your sporting allegiance while in Brazil, never favor Argentina. So before you start heaping praises on how Messi is better than Neymar, just be careful about the kind of reaction you may elicit amongst the Brazilians.

Never show that you are rich

One thing you must have in mind when you are getting your Brazil travel visa for a trip to Brazil is that most of the regions, even though they are decorated, the crime rates are pretty high. The streets will always be full of the bad guys looking for an ideal chance to strike. As such, you must be cautious with your property and always ensure you don’t give any indication that you are rich. It won’t be a problem for them to attack you in broad daylight and take all your money or that Rolex watch you are flaunting on your wrist. Also, don’t expose large wades of cash when you are shopping as this will be advertising to them that you have some money and so they should strike.

Don’t criticize Brazil


Stop corruption in Brazil

It is true that Brazilians are becoming more vocal at criticizing their country, but as a foreigner, you should not do so, especially in their presence. Things like corruption and social injustices are some of the things that most Brazilians face on a daily basis, but they are fiercely proud of their country, and they will never entertain you’re criticizing them. To them, Brazil is the best country in world football and as such, Brazilians the best in the world. Even with the imperfections, you are not allowed to talk ill about them. Always have this in mind when interacting with the locals or getting into an argument with them.

Sticking to the beaches



Brazilian beaches are some of the best in the world. The waters are clear, the sand is white and soft, and they are vibrant. You can also go to plenty of the ones in remote locations if you want pure and unadulterated beauty. However, if you took a Brazil travel visa to come and marvel at the beaches alone, then you will be doing yourself a great injustice. There is more Brazil has to offer than just the nice beaches. Think of the Amazon, Christ the Redeemer Statue, the museums and galleries, the food and culture, the wine country and the pampas. There is just too much to see and do in Brazil, and you should never restrict yourself to the beaches.

Be disgusted with the meat

Brazilians are passionate carnivores, and they love their meat. If anything, Brazil is a major exporter of cattle, and their beef enjoys high reputation in most cities around the world. When you get there, you will be treated to a humongous collection of beef dishes and they will be very happy to share the meat with you. However, the locals like to include delights such as barbequed chicken and cow-foot soup, and most people may not enjoy such delights. If you don’t feel comfortable taking such, don’t be squeamish and publicly express your disgust or distaste for what you have been served with. Just find a way of turning it down politely lest you offend the locals who are have been enjoying it for a long time.

Make “OK” hand gesture

If making a circle with your thumb and the first finger means “okay,” back in your home, be advised that it has a different meaning in Brazil and it is a gesture you don’t want to be making here. It has a very offensive meaning and unless you desire to be confronted by angry Brazilians ready to engage in a fight, don’t you ever make that gesture.