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Advantages of Being A Housewife


The family is the most basic unit and building block of our society. According to statistics in 2017, there are around 82.18 million families in the US. A typical American family usually consists of around 3 people unless you have an extended family member living under the same roof, then it may include grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives.

A family whether bonded by consanguinity, affinity, or residence is usually composed of a father, mother, and child. Each of these family positions bears responsibility and importance. Today, we will talk about the importance of mothers, especially stay-at-home moms.

Around 79% of mothers have proper employment, or what we call working moms, while about 29 percent prefers to stay at home. These women choose probably the most important task a person can have, taking care of loved ones. Here are some advantages of being a housewife.

Happy Marriage

Being a stay-at-home mother can help develop and progress your marriage and overall relationship with your husband. Apart from the “power” you have unsolicitedly given him the moment you take his last name, your husband also has the right to be served by you. As a housewife, you take care of the kids, the house, and of course your husband. You attend to all his needs and that gives you a position to be valued.

If you just started to become a housewife, gradually you will notice how dependent your kids, and most especially your husband, will be to you. This puts you in the position of authority at home. In the morning, he will always ask you for his coffee made with love or to be served with dinner with a kiss on the head. You will understand these words when he asks you for something, not because it’s a favor, but because everything you do, he knows, feels extra special.

Better Home Economics

When both parents are working, it obviously results to more income for the household, but in return it also requires less family time and more expenses. Child care can be very expensive. Gas money, when both are using respective cars, can be huge. Work clothing is an additional expense. All these combined does not appear to be sound economics.

Being a housewife allows you to have minimal expenses for yourself and budget your husband’s money more precisely. Without traditional employment, you are relieved of the financial stresses of transportation and other related costs . It prevents any financial crises like debt because you can focus on safeguarding your family’s needs and money.

The Pleasure of Seeing The Kids Grow Up

If you are scared of the time when your kids will leave your house to be independent individuals, then you better opt to be a housewife. Being a stay-at-home mom will give you the opportunity to cherish every moment of your kid’s childhood, and never miss your kid’s milestones. You will be in every picture of your child’s precious memories. Memories that will one day become their foundation for individuality, characteristics, and values.

You will be given the chance and honor to mold the person they will become someday. It’s not like you can go back in time when you feel like you missed out on their important moments in life. No time machine can compare to the time and devotion a mother can offer to their kids.

More Freedom

When you are a housewife, you are free from any restrictions brought by a profession, career, or work position. Your house is your own corporation. You run it, improve it, and expand it if you must. As a stay-at-home mom you can have more time for your family, friends, and yourself. You can indulge on home skills you always wanted to learn.

Maybe you have been meaning to learn how to bake a cookie, create a Spanish paella, or make your very own food recipe. All this and more you can do when you choose to be a stay at home mom. You just need to know what to prioritize and learn proper time management.