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7 Indoor Activities to Do With Your Kids in the Rain

Rain can make kids squirmy because they want to go out and play and if you don’t want to risk them getting sick because they already have been playing too much in the rain then it can prove to be difficult on the next level. What I do is plan a day of indoor activities to keep them occupied and for us to spend some quality family time and have fun. It’s like killing many birds with one stone. I love rainy days because of this reason, it gives me a lot of time to get my kids interested in new things. Here are some of my favorite activities to do with your children.

1. Making a blanket fort

No matter what age you are, everyone loves blanket forts. They are so fun and cosy and with rain in the background it is just perfect. Help your kids make a fort with blankets in your living room. Put some pillows and stuffed toys inside and you can play all day in it or even watch a movie bundled up in the fort.

2. Watch a movie

Either in the blanket or your regular movie day – movies keep kids occupied and they have fun. Make some snacks and bundle up your kids and yourself with a blanket. What better use of time than being cuddled up and watching your favorite movies while eating your favorite snacks.

3. Play board games

Board games are way more fun because they need active involvement of everyone. It is a great family bonding activity. Any kind of board game works, but the ones like monopoly can bring out the competitive sides of all the members and it gets really exciting.

4. Cook together

Cooking together is one of my favorite activities. While being stuck indoors, your kids might as well learn to something. When the kids are young they are eager to impress and love getting little tasks so that they feel important and like adults. You can give them tasks like washing the vegetables or mixing the dry ingredients and have fun cooking as a family.

5. Play hide and seek


Playing hide and seek is one of the simple tasks and nothing revolutionary but if you know kids then you know that kids love simple activities. Use the whole house as fair game to hide and watch your kids get creative and giggle throughout the game.

6. Read a book together

It’s never too early for you to introduce your kids to reading. Rain gives you the perfect excuse to whip out your favorite books and get your kids interested in reading. Cuddle up together and read a favorite together or start a book series so that you will have something to read for a long while and also help your kids develop a good habit.

7. Paint

Nothing keeps kids occupied like arts and crafts. Let them let their creative side loose and have fun creating some masterpieces together. Put on some Bob Ross and try following his tutorials together.