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Toy Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

If you don’t know how to say no, then you will end up buying more toys than you know what to do with. Space is an issue for a lot of people, and if you have kids, it becomes more of a problem – no amount of space is enough anymore. When you don’t have a dedicated playroom, you need to be extra mindful of the items you buy for your kids. They will always want new things, but as much as you love your kids, you will have to learn to draw the line somewhere.

Extra activities

With small spaces, you have to get creative to maximize the space you have. There are so many storage solutions specially designed for small spaces, or you can also hire storage space units from Wrexham for your ease. Here are a few that will help you keep your place organized.

1. Utilize Your Walls

This helps you keep toys off the floor, opens up space, and you don’t have to tip-toe around. You can add shelves on the walls and put baskets on them which can store the toys. Shelves are a great wall decor option. Try arranging wire baskets among memorabilia to give it a personal touch. When sprinkled with enough individual bits, the big storage bins on the shelves start looking like decor themselves.

2. Get Vertical Storage

In small spaces, utilizing vertical space can be a game-changer. Try pushing everything on the walls than the floor to have more space available to you. You can bring in tall drawers or cubbies to store toys – if you have more than one kid, then they can have dedicated drawers. Taller cabinets hold a lot of stuff and are also out of reach for small kids so you can put your things in the upper cabinets.

3. Door Storage Solutions

You must have come across over the door storage pockets that are meant for shoes. These can be great to store small toys, puzzles, colouring books, playing cards, and anything that isn’t bulky. This helps you keep things in sight and out of sight at the same time and also enables you to segregate small toys from bigger ones.

4. Invest in Ottomans

Ottomans are a great seating plus storage option for small spaces. They come in various sizes – from single seating to a full-size bench. They are available in various patterns so you can easily find one that fits in with your decor. Things that serve more than one purpose is always a good idea for small spaces. Furniture that gives extra storage is a necessity. You can store toys in ottomans and encourage kids to put it back when they aren’t playing. This puts away the toys, yet the toys are easily accessible.

5. Couch Decoration

When you are low on space, you should be mindful of the toys you buy. Kids love big toys, but can you store it is the main issue. Getting them one or two bigger stuff toys is fine. You can use those among pillows on your couch or bed. This way they can play and when they aren’t playing, it will make for some cute decoration.

Final Thoughts

No matter how many solutions you find, if you don’t purge the toys from time to time, you will end up with more than you can put away. Keep decluttering from time to time, and also do not buy many toys that are similar. Also, learn to say no to the cute faces if they already have a lot of toys. Give away the toys they don’t play with. Start toy rotation so that they get a feeling of playing with new toys.