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The Smart Art of Toy Rotation

It is very easy to collect more toys than your kid can play with. The first few years are when everyone goes crazy with buying things for the baby. Toys being a huge part of the cute shopping spree. As a result, your baby accumulates more toys than they can play with and you can store. This constantly keeps the house in a disarray with toys strewn all over the place.

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Toys come as presents from all over the place. Some you purchase while pregnant, some you get at your baby shower, some are gifts from friends and family, and some you don’t even know where they came from. Knowing how to tame the collection is important to stay sane.

This is where toy rotation comes in. It is a way to store away some toys and only allow some toys to be played with and when your child starts getting bored with them and starts asking for new toys you can take out the ones you have stored and put the currently being played with toys in storage.

Too many toys get the children bored with having too many options. They don’t get to enjoy the toys to the fullest so it is a great idea to get them a small selection so that they can play with most of the toys. This also saves the house from being taken over by toys and managing the clutter becomes easier for you.

Try to keep out a mix of easy playthings and things that encourage imaginative play and hand-eye coordination, etc. Kids get bored with things easily so having a variety is a good idea and having toys stored away gives you a chance to have quick access to new toys all the time.

Use bins to store toys, usually, I would recommend clear bins so that you can see what toys you have. Try storing them in a place your kid can’t reach. Suppose you are storing the toys in an ottoman or under the bed that can be easy access to the kid then storing them in solid non-see through bins is a better idea. Because the point here is to hide the toys from the kids so that they get the euphoria of getting new toys.

Try storing the toys in categories so that when you are pulling out toys for their rotation, you can choose a variety rather than pulling out a bunch of same toys. This is a great way to keep young kids engaged. Until they reach the age where they can remember toys and start asking for it this is easy. After that, you might have to sneak in and get the particular toy they ask for. For this, I would recommend keeping their most favorite toy out at all times. Don’t include it in the rotation.

This means that you don’t have to keep spending money on new toys, nor do you have to scramble to buy gifts, and also you have quick bribe options available. *wink wink* 

PS, not that I think you need to add more to your collection, but how cute are these ride on trains?